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naknak design hooks wall hang wide

NakNak brings organization to life by creating simple, functional and beautiful objects for different spaces. When I was approached by them I was very happy to be able to try out some of their products and was kindly gifted the smart Q-HOOK not only for my new home but also to get more organized in my room back home in Norway at my parent’s house. It is so nice to get organized and have a space to put a few items when I am there, so now I am also looking forward to finding good use for these in my new home once we get the keys (which I am beyond excited about so stay tuned). The hooks have a Scandinavian, minimal look – perfect!

The Q-HOOK is the evolution of the ordinary S-hook you might already be familiar with. The Stockholm based design company Afteroom created this new, unique hook so that it would not fall off as easily as the original S-hook can. They decided that by changing the shape to look like the English letter “q” with a simple extension of the ordinary structure, it would grasp the pole better and therefore be sturdier. The Q-HOOK helps you organize items in a steadfast, safe way. So clever and pretty, don’t you think? I simply adore the soft pink shade.

naknak design hook hand

These smart Q-HOOK’s have multiple purposes and are great tools for making the home more organized. They can be used on everything from a wall hanging to a clothing rail, and are ideal for hanging items like clothes, kitchen utensils, bags, towels, plants, gardening tools etc. on. Functional and practical, they are just as great for wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, offices to gardens. The possibilities are endless.

I used a black metal wall hanger from Granit, a Swedish design and lifestyle boutique, which I think fits perfectly with the look of the Q-HOOK and adds a nice contrast. These simplistic and beautiful steel hooks are available in 4 different colours; grey, blue pink & black with a powder coating and fine sand texture. Each hook can load up to 10 kg.

naknak design hooks flat

naknak design hooks

naknak design hooks wall hang

naknak design hooks wall close

naknak design hooks wall

A little bit about the company: NakNak is a Taiwan-based company with products designed by a group of international designers including Afteroom, Erik Olovsson, John Astbury, Kyuhyung Cho, Matti Klenell, TAF Architects, Yenwen Tseng, Yuko Maki and Yun Li. Most of them have studied in Stockholm and their common idea is to create simple, functional and beautiful objects that help organize your space. The name was inspired by the ‘knock knock’ sound of the metal workshop, and represents the skilled touch of the craftsman and the material used in all of their products. Their aim is to bring organization to life and most of their products are made using wire bending and sheet folding techniques that require great experience and workmanship.

What do you think of the Q-HOOK’s? You can find them for sale here.

naknak design hooks closeup

*This blogpost is sponsored by NakNak, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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  1. I use s-shaped hooks (shower curtain hooks, actually) all around my house: on a window rod in a back room for hats and berry-picking baskets, on the wire pantry shelves to hold wire baskets for small items, on a tension rod in the bath to hold scrubbies, . . . Very handy. I’ve never seen the q-shaped ones before, though. Those are neat!

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