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tableware royalcopenhagen table

When I was deciding on the colour theme for our kitchen is was the typical Royal Copenhagen blue that inspired me. I have quite a few items from the Blue Fluted Mega collection, in fact almost every Christmas my grandmother has given me something from the brand. My mum, aunt, cousin and grandmother all have different pieces from Royal Copenhagen in their homes, some new and some antique, so it is a nice way that all of the women in my family is connected.

Royal Copenhagen’s blue pigment is actually called cobalt zinc silicate and it is the cobalt that provides the distinctive blueness. In its infancy, Royal Copenhagen obtained their cobalt from Norwegian ‘Blaafarveværket’, the ‘blue colour factory’ – a company that was responsible for between 70 and 80 percent of all global cobalt production throughout the 19th century.

In Denmark, the most classic collection, Blue Fluted Plain, is considered a part of their cultural heritage and many people have a connection to in one way or another. Passed down from generation to generation, pieces of the tableware can be found in many Scandinavian homes today. Over the centuries, Royal Copenhagen has produced between 1,500 and 2,000 different kinds of cups, jugs, bowls and plates; all hand-painted to the last detail.

Do you have any pieces of Royal Copenhagen in your home?

table ware royalcopenhagen blue mug

table ware royalcopenhagen blue table

I recently bought a new set of plates and was drawn to these handmade white speckled ones. I think their modern expression along with the gold cutlery I already had goes so well together with the more classic look of my Royal Copenhagen collection. Now, what’s for dinner?…

The thermal mug, souffle and bowl are all from Royal Copenhagen. The large and small plates are from Maxwell & Williams, and the gold cutlery is from Kremmerhuset.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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