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scandinavian feeling design artek midsummer vase 1

The Midsummer Dream vase is a beautiful and expressive ceramic object by Finnish brand Artek. According to Finnish folklore, the one who collects seven wildflowers and sleeps with them beneath a pillow on the Midsummer night will see their future spouse in a dream, and this vase is a lovely nod to this.

With Midsummer here I thought it was the perfect time to revisit this design classic. The decorative vase comes in a neutral sand colour and is made of ceramic with a matt glaze. Offering room for seven flowers above the dreaming face of a Finnish maiden, it brings a little Nordic touch to any home.

scandinavian feeling design artek midsummer vase 3

Designed by the Finnish-Korean designer duo COMPANY and released in 2019, the ceramic object is part of the FIN/JPN Friendship Collection by Artek. The collection celebrated the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan.

When designing the objects, COMPANY imagined what kind of gifts the Finnish delegation could have brought with them to Japan a hundred years ago. Each of the six handmade, charmingly naive objects celebrates one seasonal ritual of the Finnish calendar, and you can find the rest of them below:

scandinavian feeling design artek midsummer vase 2

// Photos: Artek


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