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With the changing season comes an urge for change and renewal. So with that in mind, I wanted to share a few new Autumn finds at IKEA which can help to transform your home into a cozy space.

I recently had a little trip to IKEA and here are some of the items that stood out to me:

1 SMÖRLING serving tray

These beautiful wooden SMÖRLING serving trays look great on their own – and even more so with food or decorative items om. Made from cut-offs from other wooden products, the set is easy to place on the table with its rounded, oval and elegant shapes. Each tray has a unique wooden pattern and a vibrant, textured surface, and can be combined with the IKEA 365+ dinnerware which has the same oval shape.


This SLÅNSPINNMAL throw is jacquard woven from 100 per cent cotton and is soft with playful fringes. A new take on cozy, and all you need to style your sofa, armchair or bed. Available in blue and red, the decorative pattern is visible on both sides, with inverted colours.

3 SMYCKA artificial bouquet

A beautiful artificial bouquet made with mostly recycled plastic. SMYCKA has a lovely mix of different flowers that you can enjoy for a long time. Decorative to have on a shelf or on your dining table which remains just as fresh-looking and beautiful year after year. You can bend and adjust the flower any way you want because of the steel wire in the stem.

4 SOMMARÖGA serving stand

Bring food and drinks out into the garden or to the sofa with this lovely two-tiers SOMMARÖGA tray. You can serve your guests directly from the tray – a nice and beautiful way to make everyone feel welcome. This practical and minimal stand has a modern and simple design that makes it comfortable to hold and carry. You can also use the stand for organizing items around the desk, products in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

5 MARISTOVA mirror

The organic shape of the MARISTOVA mirror framed by rattan is inspired by the popular interior design style called Japandi – a nice unity of Scandinavian design and Japanese aesthetics with a minimalist expression. The frame around the mirror is woven by hand, which makes each piece unique. Can be placed horizontally or vertically to fit the given space.

6 KLOKHET unscented candle

The KLOKHET candles have the perfect autumn tone. Coloured candles like this are perfect additions to your candle holders when you want to brighten up everyday life. They add a cozy atmosphere and make a room feel more inviting. Also available in black and green colours.

7 REGNSKUR / HEMMA pendant lamp

Previously available in white, the REGNSKUR / HEMMA pendant lamp with its oval shade now also comes in this beautiful turquoise textile. It spreads an even, decorative light that creates a cozy vibe. And it is easy to bring home since the shade comes in a flat package. The lamp shade is easy to remove and machine wash which is handy too.

8 KRYLBO chair

The new KRYLBO chair looks just like an expensive design chair. On this sturdy upholstered chair with soft padding and nice lumbar support, you will sit comfy while working, doing crafts or enjoying a delicious meal. Comes in two colours, just like the matching swivel chair. With sofa-comfort feel, this chair can also serve as cosy extra seating in your bedroom, hallway, living room or wherever you would like a comfy spot to relax without taking up too much space.

9 FAGNING magazine file

FAGNING is a neat and practical holder for magazines, notebooks and papers. Create order out of chaos and organize all your loose papers, recipes and notebooks in this practical and minimal magazine holder. The different slots make it easy to sort and quickly find what you need.

10 SANDTRAV cushion

I love the look of this affordable cushion. The heavy fabric, made partly from recycled cotton, has a tactile texture that gives the SANDTRAV cushion plenty of character. The feather-filled inner cushion provides soft and plump comfort. Available in a range of coours

11 BERGPALM duvet cover and pillowcases

The BERGPALM duvet cover set is made from soft 100 per cent cotton and has classic, yarn-dyed stripes. The thicker yarn creates a handcrafted, vintage expression that feels relaxed and invites you to unwind. The natural and durable material becomes softer with every wash, and the decorative buttons keep the duvet in place. Comes in different colours to match your bedroom.

12 ASPSKOG scented candle

What’s the scent of autumn for you? The ASPSKOG scented candle adds a warm and spicy feel with hints of pumpkin and pies, perfect for this season. Get welcomed home to a snug atmosphere inspired by autumn dinners with family and friends. When the candle has burnt out, you can use the glass to store small things inside or use it as a tealight holder.

13 SLÄTTIKA pitcher

The SLÄTTIKA pitcher is a handmade item with a soft, organic shape. This product is made by the social business Doi Tung which, through its production, creates jobs and steady income for people from tribal groups in northern Thailand’s mountainous regions. It goes perfectly with other products in the handmade SLATIKKA collection and is suitable to use for both cold and hot drinks.


Sometimes natural and simple is the most beautiful. This HJORTSVANG rug in 100 per cent natural-coloured wool is handwoven by skilled artisans, which means that each one is completely unique. It looks cozy, is naturally soil-repellent and very durable. A perfect companion for all types of flooring, even those with underfloor heating.

15 DEJSA table lamp

The DEJSA table lamp has chrome details and softly-shaped shades of mouth-blown opal glass. Wherever you choose to place it, you get a soft, dim light that creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. The glass lampshades are mouth-blown by a skilled craftsperson making it feel like a unique design piece.

16 ÖMSESIDIG serving bowl

This limited edition serving bowl is stunning with its organic shape. This ÖMSESIDIG heart-shaped bowl is perfect for salads, fruits or snacks. Designed by Abel Cárcamo Segovia, it has a simple expression easy to match with your existing porcelain – or with something else from the ÖMSESIDIG collection.

Photos: IKEA


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