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Say hello to the new Hoptimist Bumble lamp – a cute decor piece that provides a cozy atmosphere and will brighten up your home with smiles all around.

With the arrival of autumn, twilight gets earlier and evenings get longer providing the ideal opportunity for socialising with family and friends. The Hoptimist Bumble lamp makes these joyful moments even brighter and creates big, warm autumn smiles throughout the home. 

A Hoptimist is all about smiles, optimism and high spirits. The very first Hoptimists were actually created in the late 1960s by Gustav Ehrenreich and have since earned themselves a place in Danish design history becoming a classic staple in many Scandinavian homes. More than 50 years later, the new Hoptimists are now available to – literally – spread light and delight in the dark evenings of autumn and winter.

Perfectly placed on the desk, on the nightstand as a reading lamp or in a child’s room, the Bumble lamp with its soft light will provide a cozy and charming atmosphere. The lamp is part of the Soft collection, which combines an elegant matte surface with soft, soothing shades that appeal to all ages.

scandinavian feeling design hoptimist lamp 3 scaled
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scandinavian feeling design hoptimist lamp 5 scaled
scandinavian feeling design hoptimist lamp 2

The Bumble lamp is already available in smart versions, and now the lamp is launched in the charming and subtle colours Choko and Sky, which will complement most home interiors.

The lamp was created to spread light and optimism throughout the home. From basement to attic, from living room to bedroom – by sparking smiles from person to person.

Photo credit: Hoptimist


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