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Inspired by their own grandmothers both named Gudrun, the new and entirely Norwegian brand Gudrun offers pastel coloured interior pillows of high quality to bring a bit of Scandinavian nostalgia and sunshine into your home even on those darker, colder days of the year.

This family owned brand, headed by the couple Rikke and Torkel Bye-Sondresen, wants to emphasis on the Norwegian artisan tradition, while also focusing on classical pastel colours and nature in their product line. With the ambition of being internationally recognised, the couple has done much to ensure that textiles are sustainable and will last for a lifetime.

“We are proud to be able to present an entirely Norwegian brand.”

Rikke herself has designed the pillows. The textiles are made of wool – a renewable, natural material – and produced and weaved at the quality conscious brand Innvik AS in Stryn. The pillows are sewn at a local producer outside of Kristiansund, so 100 % Norwegian made! The textiles are in fresh nuances, with decorative stripes and textures, an obvious inspiration from Scandinavian design.

Just launched this August, Gudrun comes out with three unique pillow designs; all of which are inspired by the late summer nights, and Rikke’s childhood- and vacation memories from the 80s and 90s. You can find all of their beautiful designs in the 2019 collection here.

ThatScandinavianFeeling Gudrun pillows bed

ThatScandinavianFeeling Gudrun pillows styling

ThatScandinavianFeeling Gudrun pillows

ThatScandinavianFeeling Gudrun pillows collection

// Photo credit: Gudrun


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