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Room Copenhagen embraces playful Nordic Lego design for the home. With their new Wood collection they have created a range of beautiful and functional products that will fill your everyday life with fun through the world of Lego with a subtle look which complements a minimal Scandinavian home. These products are perfect for a child’s bedroom (or for a grown up who loves Lego because who doesn’t, right?)

As soon as I saw these wooden products I knew I had to share about them here with you because they portray the perfect Scandinavian feeling. The focus on this collection is on simplicity and organic materials in neutral colours, and these fun elements work well together or as stand alone objects. The collection’s items will certainly bring a smile to kids and adults faces, and are great gift ideas for those who are Lego enthusiasts. As I am starting to plan my son’s bedroom I already have my eyes on a few of these.

All these products are assembled by hand and made from soap-treated oak. Due to the natural variation in the material, each piece is unique. Find the full Wood collection here.

The stackable Lego Wooden Desk Drawers features a drawer with space for toys and other treasures in the kids room, or office supplies and small household items. Available in two sizes in light and dark wood and easy to stack on top of each other or use as a standalone drawer.

I love the look of the Lego Wooden Wall Hangers, so simple and smart. They help to add a fun and playful touch to the wall, and can be arranged into any kind of composition and used as coat hooks or wall decoration depending on your need. The wooden wall hangers are sold in a set of three; each set consists of hooks in three different sizes in either light or dark wood.

Another great design is the Lego Wooden Book Rack. This beautiful storage shelf offers the perfect spot for storing toys, books, posters and other items in the kids room, or elsewhere in the home. And as seen above the circles can even be used to hang items such as a scissor on – handy. Available in light and dark wood.

Then we have another design for the wall – the  Lego Wooden Picture Frame. Use it to display a memory in the shape of a photograph or a piece of artwork made by your child. If not mounted on the wall, it can also be placed on a desk, shelf or nightstand. Also available in light and dark wood.

Scandinavian feeling lego design home nordic 11

Lastly we have the Lego Wooden figurine which is inspired by the classic yellow Lego mini-figures. The figurine comes with a selection of Lego bricks and instructions on using them to build little items for the figurine to hold so you can customise it how you want. In addition, the set includes a 28-page leaflet that informs you of the history of Lego and offers inspiration for customising the wooden figurine. The figurine is handcrafted from oak, and it is equipped with adjustable yellow plastic hands.

Play is a vital part of our company DNA, and a playful approach allows us to develop innovative, exciting products and services for all ages. Nordic design, renowned worldwide for well thought out design an simplicity, is reflected in our designs thanks to our Nordic roots. – Room Copenhagen

If you are after more colourful, vibrant options of storage they also have products in the classic Lego colours, you can also find that here. Room Copenhagen have something for anyone who loves Lego no matter the colour or style of your home!

// Photo credit: Room Copenhagen


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