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This year, Danish furniture brand Muuto relaunches their popular design classic the Fiber chair in recycled plastic, designed from a conscious perspective and with a wish to improve their environmental impact. The chair was designed with friendly, embracing curves that provide comfort while taking up little space in the room. It can be used at home or at the office, and makes a perfect dining room chair.

The Fiber chair family, designed by Copenhagen studio Iskos-Berlin, was born from a wish to make a forward-thinking take on the archetypal shell chair. This was achieved by creating an innovative shell of plastic and wood fibers that makes for a soft inviting touch with a matte and tactile surface. Originally designed in 2014, the chair has since become a Scandinavian design classic found in many homes. With a modern yet timeless look, it is today one of Muuto’s most popular designs and over the years the collection has expanded with numerous new models.

“The new generation of Fiber chairs is designed with a conscious perspective in mind and a wish to improve our environmental impact,” says Muuto. In fact, the recycled plastic used in the Fiber armchair and side chair is sourced from post-industrial waste from the manufacturing of eyewear and uses a minimum of 80% recycled plastic. In addition, they have chosen FSC™️-certified wood fibers from sustainable forestry in the production of the chair.

“We have an impact on the environment through the natural resources we use. As part of our sustainable initiatives, we wish to increase our use of recycled materials in order to reduce waste and our consumption of natural resources,” they state. By doing this, Muuto brings new life to plastic waste, further reducing the amount sent to landfills or incinerators.

The relaunched chair is available in the same colour range as the original chair; including black, dusty green, grey, ochre and white with options of oak, metal and swivel bases.

Find all of the Muuto Fiber chairs for sale here.

*Please note that variants with recycled plastic and FSC™-certified wood will be available in North America in spring 2022.

// Photo credit: Muuto

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