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If you have a little one on the way or know someone who just had a baby, the new Kids Memory Box ‘the beginning of my life’ from ferm LIVING is the perfect way to document their first years.

The box is a specially designed baby memory box, created with flexibility and personality as the guidelines. There are no rules, no schedules, nor calendars, so you will never be behind in the making of the box. You decide yourself what is memorable and can cherish these in this beautifully designed box forever.

The design of the box is minimal, modern and Scandinavian with bright, contemporary colours that work for both baby boys and girls. When the box is filled and the baby is older, you have a unique treasure chest full of memorabilia.

The box contains 21 different elements in cardboard, fabric and paper: A letter from the parents, an envelope for the first hair-cut, a cotton bag for the first pair of shoes, a little match-box for the first teeth, a tape measure to track the size of the child, a cotton bag for the favourite pacifier, and a match-box to keep funny little quotes for the future. Also, the box has sheets to make a print of the small pair of feet and hands, as well as notebooks for observations, notes, and thoughts you’d want to remember.

“We want it to be a lovely experience to document your first memories together, so we created the box with freedom and personality as the principle: Make of the box what you wish it to become with plenty of room to show who your family is,” – ferm LIVING

// Photo credit: ferm LIVING


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