leaflike luciekaas decor pieces scandinavian

Designed by Nordvink, a young design duo from Denmark, this series of graphical leaves in different coloured metals from Lucie Kaas is stunning and delicate. Taking inspiration from the Danish nature, the designers transformed the shape of the leaves into a graphic and decorative object which can be used in many different ways. Leaflike adds a tropical Art Deco style with a twist of Nordic nature to your home.

The decor items are available in different shapes as well as materials such as black coated metal, brass, chrome and pink coated metal. These materials, different colours, coatings and finishes bring some contrasting features into your interior and is a great way to incorporate elements of nature in your style.

leaflike luciekaas decor pieces scandinavian styled

leaflike luciekaas decor pieces

With the mission to create objects that tell a story, Lucie Kaas is a renowned Danish design company. Founded in 2012 by Esben Gravlev who wanted to bring back classic, stylish and timeless design objects to the international design scene.

Find the whole selection of Leaflike decor from Lucie Kaas here.

// Photo credit: Lucie Kaas

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