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Happy Valentines Day! It is not a day I tend to celebrate much but I wouldn’t mind getting a bouquet of flowers.. and if they came in this stunning vase I would be extra happy! (*hint hint)

The new Kink vase designed by Earnest Studio for Danish design brand Muuto brings a contemporary form to the archetypal flower vase through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and playful design language. With its double opening, it adds a sculptural sentiment to the room, even when not in use. I love the idea of overflowing it with different flowers or even just have a few simple pieces sticking out of one of the openings… a very unique and versatile design piece don’t you think?

“My starting point for the Kink vase was an exploration of how new forms could be created through the digital manipulation of simple shapes. The design combines this appreciation of modern technology with traditional ceramic craft, resulting in a piece that is both contemporary and sculptural. The graphic and playful appearance of the Kink Vase—combined with its double opening, which suggests a new way to arrange flowers—infuses its surroundings with joy,” says Rachel Griffin from Earnest Studio.

The vase is made in porcelain that has been glazed on the inside for a refined touch, and is available in sand and light blue.

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Find the vase along with the rest of the new collection from Earnest Studio & Muuto here.

// Photo credit: Muuto

Ingrid Opstad

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February 11, 2020