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It is coming to that time of year again when we get our Christmas decor out and start thinking about turning our homes into a cozy festive place. I know some of you might already have started, but if you are like me and wait for advent to start here is some inspiration for a few new Scandinavian Christmas decor items you can add to your collection. (And hey – you might be able to find a deal on some of these now in the next days during the Black Friday sales.)

The Christmas season is filled with nostalgic, comforting and joyful traditions, and here are a few decor pieces that will help bring those traditions into your home this year and for many years to come. If you want to see all of these in one place, head to the festive corner of my SHOP section here on the blog :)

Playful santa hat


Kay Bojesen’s famous wooden monkey was designed in 1951 and is today a classic decor piece found in many Scandinavian homes. A great way to get into the festive spirit is by adding the Christmas hat made from painted beech on the monkey. I have the monkey hanging in my won home all year round, and I like adding the hat in advent because it is a simple way to reuse an item without having to spend too much money. I have also seen people knitting their own hats and scarfs which can be a fun addition too.

Cute nisse ornaments


According to Nordic folklore, ‘nisser’ are small, elf-like creatures that secretly live in houses and barns and are particularly active during the Christmas season. A well-treated nisse will act as a family guardian, and may even start helping out with chores, whereas a spurned nisse is known for causing mischief wherever he goes. This friendly elf pair from Ferm Living are embroidered onto organic cotton and filled with recycled polyester, and will help to spread festive holiday cheer, whether hanging from your Christmas tree or on a cozy windowsill. Or why not attach it to the wrapping of one of your presents as a little added joy!

Advent countdown

that scandinavian feeling christmas advent candleholder nordic decor

This mini set of espresso cups from Design Letters is deal as decoration during Christmas. Use them with flowers, branches and candle lights inside during advent and light one candle each Sunday in true Scandinavian style, or all year around with seasonal greeneries inside. It comes in a selection of colours. You can see this and a few other Design Letters items which are great for Christmas as decor or gifts in my new YouTube unboxing video :)

Cinnamon candle

that scandinavian feeling christmas advent candle nordic decor

And talking about advent candles – this Christmas calendar scented candle from Ferm Living is a cozy candle with a smell of cinnamon which is another great way to count down. The glass jar with a lid is actually a small calendar with the first 24 days of December on, so you can cross off each day while waiting for Christmas Eve. And I don’t know about you, but the smell of cinnamon is always lovely during the holidays.

Winter scene

that scandinavian feeling christmas towel nordic decor

The Vinter pattern kitchen towel from Ekelund in Sweden displays an idyllic wintry landscape with homes amongst snow-covered trees. I like the fact that this can bet hung up during all of winter and not just Christmas. It is made from the highest quality GOTS-certified organic cotton. This stylish tea towel will make the perfect addition to your kitchen, or serve as an attractive and practical gift to someone who dreams of Scandinavia.

Classic Nordic design ornaments

that scandinavian feeling christmas tree ornament marimekko nordic decor

These beautiful and simple holiday ornaments from Marimekko in terra colour have leather hanging loops. It includes two ornaments: one with the three-dimensional Unikko poppy flower and one with the Siirtolapuutarha (city garden) pattern flower – both popular patterns from the finish brand.

Jul, snö & træ

that scandinavian feeling christmas candles jul nordic decor

The Önska candle set from Skandinavisk features the popular winter scents Jul (“Christmas”), Snö (“Snow”) and Træ (“Tree”) which is sure to make your home smell amazing for Christmas.

Skandinavisk’s scented candles have unique fragrances inspired by the nature, seasons, cities and traditions of Scandinavia. The hand-poured candle comes in an attractive glass votive which can be re-used with tealights. Skandinavisk’s scented candles are lovely decorative items and a delight for many senses.

Decorative coffee table book

that scandinavian feeling christmas book nordic decor

I am all for little subtle nods to Christmas instead of going all in with lots of flashy decor. A nice festive coffee table book can be a simple way to do so, and the Happy Homes: Merry Christmas book is a great one. This is the second part of interior journalist Jonna Kivilahti’s and photographer Krista Keltanen’s exploration of Finnish Christmas traditions, home décor and contemporary ways of celebrating the holidays. Published by the Finnish Cozy Publishing, the richly illustrated book is part of the Happy Homes series which features a selection of stunning coffee table books.

Tree topper

that scandinavian feeling christmas advent star tree nordic decor

Ferm Living’s brass Christmas tree top star features a spiral-like lower half and a minimal design imitating the shine of a star. The minimalist star stands the test of time and makes a beautiful addition to any festive decor. A simple and elegant Christmas tree decoration.

Light house

that scandinavian feeling christmas houses nordic decor

The Urbania collection of lighthouses from Kähler pays tribute to light and is a perfect accompaniment to the Christmas ambience. The small earthenware houses were inspired by familiar types of buildings and emit the most stunning light through windows and doors. This distinctive townhouse candleholder with its obvious classicist references is no exception. Let it glow by itself or place it next to other Urbania houses to create a totally unique look on the windowsill, on a sideboard or on the Christmas table.

Minimal Christmas tree:

that scandinavian feeling christmas tree nordic decor

This minimal Christmas tree from DBKD is a great alternative for those who want a more modern Christmas aesthetic in their home. Perfect when placed in a window or on a table in the hallway to add a festive feeling.

Santa’s stocking

that scandinavian feeling christmas stocking nordic decor

And last but not least, the Ferm Living Christmas stocking. The Christmas stocking has become an important tradition in many homes and is appreciated by both the young and the old. This luxury velvet version comes in several modern colours with a striped lining and small emblem. Hang it on the bed, the door handle or by the fireplace and holds either several small gifts or fewer, larger gifts. Now all to do is wait to see that Santa Clause brings!

> Not planning on buying any decor this year, check out my post from last year with sustainable natural Christmas decorations. I am making some minimal DIY ornaments, which I will share once they are finished.

// Illustration: Ingrid Opstad

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