I have been on the hunt for a banner flag, and in my search for the perfect one I have come across so many lovely ones on Etsy. In our home we have quite a large white wall that my plan is to fill with a collage of wall art, and these cute banner flags are such a great addition. Now comes the difficult part; to choose which one I want.. Which one would you pick?

Beautiful Explore hand painted brush stroke banner from Darwin & Gray. I love the marble effect on the actual banner, it adds a great touch!


Simplistic hand printed Mountains banner by Small Branches. The text is based on a quote in one of John Muir’s letter to his sister: “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” It is also available with a branch rod which I think is such a nice detail, and is great if you love or long for the mountains..

SmallBranches_i must go_banner_flag_etsy

Cute handcrafted Be Kind banner created by Secret Holiday Co, the perfect reminder to always have love and compassion! It was originally made in 2010 and I have seen it popping up over the years in numerous Pinterest photos.

SecretHolidayCo_be kind_banner flag_etsy

Darling And so the Adventure Begins banner by Array Of Whimsy. I love the hand-lettering on this one, the imperfect and whimsical style.

ArrayOfWhimsy_and so the adventure begins_banner_flag_etsy

Lovely Let’s Stay Home banner by Zana Products, a great reminder to cosy up on the sofa and enjoy quality time at home.

ZanaProducts_lets stay home_banner_flag_etsy

An elegant Oak wooden Good Vibes banner by Things We Left Behind. It would tie very nicely inn with other wood details in our home.

ThingsWeLeftBehind_good vibes_banner_flag_etsy

Beautiful hand sewn Seek Adventure banner by Fox & Lilly inspiring you to explore and seek new adventures. They can also do customised banners with a quote of your choice.

FoxandLilly_seek adventure_banner_flag_etsy

// Photo credit: 1 Zana Products / 2 Darwin & Gray / 3 Small Branches / 4 Secret Holiday Co / 5 Array Of Whimsy / 6 Zana Products / 7 Things We Left Behind / 8 Fox & Lilly


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