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eggcarton drawers reuse home storage scandinavian

1 // Use a egg carton as storage. We all have little things that tend to get lost in drawers, but it can be hard to find the right solution to fit. I love this simple idea from IKEA; cut an egg tray to fit your drawer and you’ve got a great jewellery organiser for free.

2 // Use a cardboard box as a penholder on your desk. You probably have a lot of cool cardboard boxes in different sizes from different homeware or design items purchased. Instead of throwing these out they can be great to use in the home. On my desk I use the cardboard box that one of my Design Letter mugs came in, it is the perfect size for storing pens but also has the perfect look for any Scandinavian design & typography lover.

3 // Use shoeboxes as storage. I usually don’t even take with me the shoeboxes from the shop, but next time I buy a new pair I will make sure I do so I can make some DIY storage boxes. These ones by Mormorsglamour are so gorgeous, and the idea of adding little leather handles is such a great idea! Keep the boxes as they are if you like the design, or paint them.

candle jar reuse home succulents scandinavian

4 // Use old jars as plant pots. Small succulents or cactuses are the perfect size for storing in jars. These from Yesterdays Sweetheart are so cute, and a great way to reuse any jars you might have such as these candle jars or jam jars.. Wouldn’t they be a cute little gift to give to someone instead of the traditional flower arrangement?

reuse gin bottle candle holder nordic decor

5 // Use a cool bottle as a candle holder. Don’t let glass bottles go to waste, and instead wash them and use as home decor. The Hendrick’s gin bottles have a great look, so if you are a gin lover be sure to keep your next empty bottle (or any other liquor or soda bottle for that matter). This image is by Daniel Leon Stern via Instagram.

merci paper bag reuse planter interior

6 // Use a paper bag as a planter. Nowadays a lot of shops will have their own designed paper bags, and its a shame to just throw these out when you get home from a shopping trip. I love the idea of using these in your home to store anything you like in, but especially as a planter as seen on Sanctuary. This paper bag is from the Merci shop in Paris, known for cool packaging. I visited the shop last year and still have my bag (the smaller version), so now the hunt for the perfect plant to keep in it starts!

tin kitchen reuse home storage scandinavian

7 // Use cans as kitchen containers. Just remove the labels, give them a good clean and they are ready to use in your kitchen. If you want to customise them with paint, but I like the simplistic look created by Weekdaycarnival.

reuse calendar paper gift wrapping scandinavian minimal

8 // Use old calendars, magazines or newspapers as wrapping paper. Keep a stack of old paper items you don’t use anymore for wrapping birthday, Christmas or any other gifts, this is from Deko magazine. The monochrome look is great, but the possibilities are endless and it is easy to customise.

perfume bottle reuse home vase scandinavian

9 // Use a perfume bottle as a vase. Next time you have an empty perfume bottle, don’t throw it out but keep it to put a nice branch or flower in. This would be a lovely nightstand decor idea or on a vanity. This one was found via Tumblr.

winecork candle reuse home easy scandinavian

10 // Use wine corks as candles. What? This seems a bit weird.. But according to A Subtle Revelry you can create super easy candles, all you have to do is soak them in a capped mason jar filled with aceatone alcohol for a week. Then afterwards, put them in little candle holders and light them up!

Do you have any other creative ideas on how to reuse packaging? I would love to hear them!


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