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Wallpaper can help to transform the look of your bedroom while creating a calm and cozy atmosphere. Wake up underneath a tranquil flower display every morning, fall asleep under a minimal limestone wall or let the forest take your mind off your daily worries... These beautiful Scandinavian designs will set the perfect tone in your home.

Here are the best wallpaper for a cozy bedroom by Swedish company Sandberg Wallpaper:

1 Annabelle Classic Blue

The bold scale of this Annabelle floral design exudes softness, warmth and romanticism. The delicate pansies in the design are symbolic of thoughtfulness. Pansies derive their name from the French word penser, which means ‘to think’. The fragrant peony symbolizes love, happiness, romance and prosperity. This Annabelle wallpaper has the colour way classic blue but is also available in terracotta and clay.

2 Kimono Light Grey

Kimono is a wallpaper with a geometrical pattern inspired by Japanese kimonos. The traditional kimono is a powerful symbol of Japanese culture, worn by people for hundreds of years. The small cherry blossoms are often seen in the pattern of the kimono and symbolise the transience of even the most exquisite beauty, because of the short-lived bloom. The Kimono wallpaper is part of the Nippon collection and is available in three colourways; light blue, green and dark blue.

3 Karolina Blue

With cool blue tones and a detailed pattern of pretty bay leaves that create an elegant and organic setting, Karolina makes the bedroom into a palace garden with luscious treillage. During the Gustavian era, bay leaves were often used in carved decorations on mirrors and furniture. Karolina is part of the collection Arv that is inspired by the 18th-century Gustavian era of Sweden.

4 Kalk Gray

If you want a more minimal look, the Kalk wallpaper is a great choice. The pattern with its raw, yet soft, worked surface imitates lime plaster on the wall and gives the walls a modern expression. Kalk means limestone in Swedish and this wallpaper has a light colour scheme in gray tones, but also comes in misty blue, sandstone and garden green.

5 Bladverk Garden Green

With the dense soft and organic foliage pattern, the Bladverk wallpaper is a nice matching companion to other wallpapers and creates a harmonious colour tone in the room. Bladverk is the Swedish word for foliage and this Bladverk wallpaper has simplified sage green plant leaves with a clean white background but also comes in a selection of other colours.

6 Gustav Light Gray

Gustav is a wallpaper with clean thin lines. Its elegant simplicity was inspired by the beautiful silk drapes and furniture fabrics of the 18th century. A classy base that got its name from Gustav III, the Regent of Sweden during the Gustavian era. Available in light gray as seen here or light blue, light blue and light pink.

7 Skog Misty Blue

What about falling asleep in a cool, dark forest? The Skog wallpaper is a quaintly processed photograph on a foggy autumn day under a beautiful beech forest with leafy arches. Skog means forest in Swedish, and this wallpaper will give your bedroom a calm and atmospheric expression. Also available in a deep forest green colour as well as a light grey winter version.

8 Anton Misty Blue

Anton is a wallpaper that hosts a rosehip and its flowers in a dense and organic design. With nuances close in tone and all the colours in the four settings faded, the mode it creates is calm and cozy which is perfect for the bedroom. Go for this misty blue colourway for a soft look, but also available in honey, sheer grey or forest green depending on your favourite shade.

9 Olof Sage Green

Olof is a braided branch of bowing Rudbeckior that sets a homely atmosphere in the room. The flower was cultivated as early as the 17th century by the botanist Olof Rudbeck. This beautiful wallpaper comes in sage green, sandstone and terracotta.

10 Einar Grey

This is a wallpaper with a petite diamond pattern suitable for any room in the house, but especially lovely in a bedroom. Einar comes in this deep, warm grey tone with a hint of black which sets a calm and tranquil feeling but is also available in spring green, pink and sandstone.

About Sandberg Wallpaper: With a large selection of beautiful Swedish wallpaper art, Sandberg’s designs carry names because they all have interesting stories to convey about people and places. The inspiration for both colour and design often comes from the Swedish landscape and the nature surrounding us, while the patterns also pay homage to their historical and cultural heritage.

Each of their wallpapers is expertly crafted using high-quality non-woven material. The end result is a beautifully textured and visually appealing addition to your walls. Sandberg’s mission is to create timeless and classic wallpaper of premium quality with a unique expression that lasts over time.

// Photos: Sandberg Wallpaper


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