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With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I would share some great DIY festive ideas I’ve seen online to get into the holiday spirit.

INGRIDESIGN xmas tree deer
Photos by Mike Krautter

These cute little DIY Christmas-tree reindeers are such a great idea to give away as gifts or to use for decorating your home. Just cut off the bottom and some pieces of the branches on your Christmas tree and follow the steps provided here!

“Sometimes the simplest things are right in your backyard” – Hannah Milman

Photo by Mary Costa Photography
Photo by Mary Costa Photography

Who’s doesn’t love supersized decorations? These DIY giant ornament balloons are just so much fun, and brightens up any Christmas party! Find out how to make them yourself here.

Photo by Mandi Johnson
Photo by Mandi Johnson

I’m looking forward to try to make these DIY stencils, a great and easy way to personalize cakes or hot drinks (which we consume quite a lot of this festive season). Click here to find out how to make them or to download some templates.

Photo by Emily Scott (apartment 34)
Photo by Emily Scott (apartment 34)

This version of a modern Scandinavian inspired Christmas tree is perfect if you don’t want to get a real (or plastic) tree, especially in small apartments with limited space. The great thing is that you can just use whatever decorations you already have, or make some, and hang up! Find out more about how to DIY here.


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