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SostreneGrene hygge moment bedroom cozy

HYGGE is a feeling of joy, contentment and warmth, and this is something the Danish brand Søstrene Grene strive to achieve not only through their products but also in their stores. The evocative scents you encounter while walking through the distinctive labyrinths of their stores range from tantalising spices to the smell of wood and fragrant teas, and soothing, classical music you hear has been chosen to make room for powerful emotions. The sisters have thought carefully about every detail and want to stimulate as many of your senses as possible when you visit.

If you are lucky to live in one of the countries where Søstrene Grene can be found (browse them here), I hope you take time to visit and explore yourself. And I am crossing my fingers that they will open a store here in Italy also soon, because it is one of the places I miss browsing…

With their new Hygge collection in stores earlier this month, I thought I would share some of the images from the campaign along with some tips from Anna & Clara on how to embrace moments of hygge in your life. Furniture, soft fabrics, candles, board games, stoneware and home baking are some of the elements that will help you do just that.

SostreneGrene hygge moment book memory scaled

SostreneGrene hygge moment knitting cozy

Hygge in every stitch
“Find a cosy corner in your home and enjoy a nice cup of tea while immersing yourself in a knitting project. Imbuing every stitch with hygge and positivity is good for the soul and brings joy more than once.”

SostreneGrene hygge moment tea cozy scaled

Make your home a happy place to enjoy
“A happy home is always to treasure for its aesthetics and hygge in equal measure”

Time for contemplation and togetherness
“Embrace every moment with your nearest and dearest, and the most wonderful feeling will arise”

SostreneGrene hygge moment game cozy scaled

Have a designated spot for everything
“There is beauty in tidiness”

Moments of hygge in wonderful company
“The kitchen is perfect for baking and enjoying everyday life together”

SostreneGrene hygge moment baking cozy scaled

SostreneGrene hygge moment kitchen cozy

Tea is known for its soothing and calming effects
“A nice cup of tea can be the start of the most wonderful conversations”

A warm feeling
“A woollen throw is like a warm embrace on a cold day”

SostreneGrene hygge moment candle cozy scaled

Candles are the essence of hygge
“With a delightful scented candle, you can easily treat yourself to a bit of self-indulgence”

Hygge from top to toe
“Spending a comfortable moment reflecting on life is good for the soul”

SostreneGrene hygge moment socks cozy scaled

SostreneGrene hygge moment table cozy

Want to see more? Check out their full hygge catalogue here.

// Photo credit: Søstrene Grene


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