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The older I get, the more I understand the importance on investing in rest and making sure you get a good nights sleep. So with that in mind, here are some items that will help you create a cozy bedroom and bring you to dream-land…

  1. If you have an average of 8 hours sleep every night, then you sleep for one third of your life… so best to make the bedroom as comfy and calm as possible! Cozy bed linen is so important, and I am currently loving these ones from the Modern Dane.
  2. This Kaamos Nutri-recharging peaceful sleep moisturizer from Finnish brand Lumene is a rich & nurturing night cream that recharges and intensely moisturises skin overnight to restore its balance, leaving it soft and rested by morning.
  3. A comfy pyjamas is key, and I love the look of this signature piece from AIAYU. Made from crisp organic cotton, these drawstring pants have comfy side pockets and a soft, elasticated waistline with a drawstring that is easy to adjust. A light and breathable style that is perfect for lounging, as sleep wear, or for styling with your favourite knit or shirt for a casual everyday look.
  4. It can be hard to sleep when it is too bright around you, and a eye mask can be a great solution. This one from COS is made from pure cashmere and is therefore extra soft. A refined sleepwear accessory for wintry night.
  5. This aroma diffuser from Muji uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and the essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist. The white cylinder also houses a lamp that shines with an ambient glow and has 2 light settings. Perfect way to create a lovely atmosphere in your bedroom.
  6. Lets not forget our pets! This round knitted bed is great for your pet to curl up and snuggle in.
  7. With the promise to make you feel calm, soothe you and help you dream, this SLEEP tea from NICHE is a delicious herbal tea blend, designed using ingredients traditionally used to aid restful sleep.
  8. Designed to make you sleep like a log, the IKEA ergonomic pillows come in many shapes and sizes. Comfy for side sleepers, back sleepers and any kind of sleeper.
  9. This crinkle bedspread from HAY is made from cotton, perfect for placing over existing bed linen to create another layer of comfort.

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  1. These are all great recommendations! You’re so right, its so important to invest in quality pieces to help you have a better rest! I’m definitely gonna have to check these out! Thanks for sharing!

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