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Photo by ingridesign
Photo by Ingrid Opstad

“Let’s make places. Let’s make them extraordinary. Let’s make them full of life and lust, delight and wonder. Let’s make them daring and unusual. Foolish and spectacular. Different and amazing. Let’s make them original. Let’s make them us. Let’s make the places where we love to live.” – Bolia

Had a little browse around at Bolia yesterday and found quite a lot of great items, both new and old. This Landscape Daybed for instance is so lovely with it’s clean and simple lines, perfect for daydreaming or a little snooze. The backrest is designed to look like a mountain top, and gives a nice Scandinavian feel to any space. Pair it with this cool Orla Wall lamp for a match made in heaven.

Photo by Bolia
Photo by Bolia

Some other favourites from the catalogue below:

White soap oak work station, foldable for maximizing space

WorkBox Bolia

Lacquered oak veneer table top with yellow steel frame, with storage space inside for pillows, blankets etc

Comb round

Soft and cosy graphic blanket with matching pillows

Goodevening plaid bolia

Ceramic handmade iPhone speaker with a shape that amplifies the sound

Megaphone bolia

Re-interpetation of the classic Scandinavian “settekasse” compositor wall shelf with rooms in different sizes for a graphic feel

Caja bolia


All photos by Bolia
All photos by Bolia

Treetop pendel / Marble cutting board / Kewl clutch, iPad cover & pencil case / PieceOfNature iPhone cover / Alf stool


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