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I hope you are all having a lovely and slow Easter weekend at home. Here it has been a calm one, mostly spent eating good food and relaxing. In a way it has been nice to not be able to go anywhere, it means we can truly appreciate the little things at home and slow down. And at least the sun has been shining so I have been able to sit outside on our terrace and enjoy some fresh air.

You might have seen my last blogpost where I shared some simple DIY ideas for decorating your home this Easter, and now I wanted to show my final Easter table decor using the bunny ear napkins I showed in that post. This year has been about using what I have at home, no new purchases or extravagant decor but keeping it minimal with a touch of spring vibes. For me, a bit of colour such as yellow and pink helps to bring some joy to the table and sets the mood for a happy and hyggelig meal.

What do you think of my simple, Nordic style Easter table?

Scandinavianfeeling Easter DIY table decor 1

Scandinavianfeeling Easter DIY table decor 2

Scandinavianfeeling Easter DIY table decor 3

Scandinavianfeeling Easter DIY table decor 4

Since I kept the table decor simple, I did not do much more decor in my home other than hanging a spring coloured kitchen towel up for a subtle nod. It is all about those little details, right?

Scandinavianfeeling Easter kitchen decor 5

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// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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