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Get excited for the first new IKEA products 2021 – the Swedish brand has just released their Winter & Spring collection with a great selection coming to their stores this February!

As many of you might have already read, IKEA has decided to stop publishing a yearly catalogue (which to many was sad news) but in return that means we will get new releases like this thought-out the year which I guess is a nice compromise. This collection is full of elegant and simplistic design with a big focus on natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan. If you are curious about the latest product news from IKEA, keep reading and let’s have a look.

SINARP & HASSLARP kitchen fronts

One of the most interesting news to me is these new fronts for the kitchen in a darker wood. There are two different fronts in dark wood launched; one with a beautiful herringbone patterned oak veneer with characteristic details that gives your kitchen a unique accent and another in a solid oak providing a timeless design with a modern twist. IKEA was inspired by classic craftsmanship where wooden decorative patterns are made with different tones.

> HASSLARP kitchen fronts

> SINARP kitchen fronts

ikea news february 2021 hasslarp kitchen
ikea news february 2021 sinarp kitchen

LINNEBÄCK easy chair

Another exciting new addition to the IKEA family is this affordable design chair with a beautiful simplicity and casual style. This flexible, versatile easy chair helps to add a visual calmness to a room, while supporting both an active and a relaxed lifestyle at home. The LINNEBÄCK chair comes in three different colours all with a black, elegant frame; orrsta olive-green, light grey and dark gray, as seen in the picture below. 

> LINNEBÄCK easy chair

ikea news february 2021 linneback chair

JÄSNING proofing basket

I love growing IKEA for kitchen and baking supply, and this new proofing basket is a pretty and practical item – perfect for those of you who have really started bread and sourdough baking during lockdown. It can also be used to serve bread in as a traditional bread basket.

> JÄSNING proofing basket (also available in a round shape)

ikea news february 2021 jasning basket
ikea news february 2021 jasning basket empty

BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand

Now that many of us are working from home – this new BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand comes just in the right moment. Not only is it beautifully minimal, this steady stand can easily be adjusted to your height, tilt the top, move around in the home – and even fold away for storage when not in use. It also has a handy little cup holder on the side for that much needed coffee which is a plus.

> BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand

ikea news february 2021 bjorkasen laptop stand

VÄGTÅG duvet cover set

This is a set of Japanese-inspired bed linen referencing the traditional ikat-dyed patterns. The new VÄGTÅG duvet cover set is made of 100% cotton that will only get softer and softer after each wash – which sounds perfect for a cozy bedroom.

> VÄGTÅG duvet cover set

ikea news february 2021 vagtag duvet set


The new VÅRFINT tray is made of rattan and bamboo, and is handwoven by skilled craftspeople. Each tray is therefore unique, but they all have one thing in common – a natural look that helps you bring some nature into your home. A great tray for serving breakfast in bed, a little afternoon fika or to keep on your coffee table as decor.

> VÅRFINT tray

ikea news february 2021 varfint tray table
ikea news february 2021 varfint tray

NEREBY storage series

A beautiful new addition, the NEREBY storage series frees up worktop space and puts things close at hand. The durable blend of undyed / unbleached hemp and cotton creates a tactile texture and keeps its rustic beauty over time. Perfect in the kitchen for storing utensils, the series consists of a rail available in two different lengths as well as a shelf version and hooks + different storage bags.

> NEREBY storage series

ikea news february 2021 nereby rail

RUDSTA glass-door cabinet

With the RUDSTA glass-door cabinet IKEA have created another opportunity for you to exhibit and showcase your favourites in your home. It gives you the option to place items on the shelves or fix things like photos to the back panel with magnets to keep dear memories visible.The metal cabinet is available in black or this blue Spring shade, but if you prefer a different colour, you can for instance spray-paint it in whatever hue you like.

> RUDSTA glass-door cabinet

ikea news february 2021 rudsta cabinet


Fill with flowers, or just let them stand on their own. The new FNITTRIG vases looks great in any setting. The glossy surface reflects light and colours in the room – and the bold shapes makes them immediate eye-catchers in any home.

> FNITTRIG vase large (gray)

> FNITTRIG vase small (white)

ikea news february 2021 fnittig vase

ÄLVSTARR lamp shade

Giving off a bit of a futuristic look, the Älvstarr lamp shade can fit well into a modern setting whether that is in the bedroom, the hallway or over the dining table. The wavy shape and shiny surface make this lampshade stand out and with the shiny inner side, the light dances around before being directed down to create a soft light. It comes in a silver finish as seen here as well as gold.

> Älvstarr lamp shade

ikea news february 2021 alvstarr lamp

RÅDFRÅGA decoration set of 3

With these 3 RÅDFRAGA eggs you always have a place for all those small things you care about whether jewelry, coins or paperclips. And they make a nice decoration too on their own. I am thinking these will also be lovely to display during Easter and maybe have some sweet treats inside for kids (or grown-ups). They can be stacked inside one another to save room when storing.

> RÅDFRAGA decoration set of 3

ikea news february 2021 radfraga eggs
ikea news february 2021 radfraga eggs storage

LENAST crib duvet cover

Over to a few baby items – first up the new LENAST crib duvet cover. This wonderfully soft and pleasantly cool duvet cover has a timeless pattern with the option of a dot or moon pattern in grey and white for a gender neutral nursery.

> LENAST crib duvet cover dot (grey)

> LENAST crib duvet cover moon (white)

ikea news february 2021 lenast crib duvet

UNDVIKA baby monitor

And lastly an exciting new products for all new parents out there: the UNDVIKA baby monitor. This affordable baby monitor has many smart features and is so small that it fits in your pocket. A secure solution that allows you to move freely around the home and still monitor your baby’s tiniest sounds while they are sleeping soundly.

> UNDVIKA baby monitor

ikea news february 2021 undvika baby monitor

What are your favourite items from the new IKEA products?

// Photo credit: IKEA

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