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Want to know about the Scandinavian colour trends of 2022? Let’s have a look at the new collection released by Norwegian paint company Jotun which predicts the colour trends for the year and is full of inspiration for all you interior lovers out there.

Every year Jotun release a new colour chart, and this year TOGETHER contains three unique colour palettes helping you to create rooms where it’s nice to spend time together.

“When people meet, unique moods arise. The same can be said about colours. At Jotun, we are fascinated by how the colours we surround ourselves with affect our senses and shape our everyday life,” says Lisbeth Larsen, global colour manager at Jotun. “By introducing new colours, the home gets a wonderful, renewed atmosphere. One colour is always lifted by another colour. We explore this in our new colour map TOGETHER,” she adds.

Colours can calm us down or make us excited, they can help clear the mind or kick-start creativity. This year’s colour palettes are designed to reflect this, and will make it easy for you to create the mood you want in your own home.

The TOGETHER colour chart consists of 28 beautiful colours – 12 of these are new and presented in combination with selected shades from Jotun’s rich archive. The colours are grouped into three colour palettes; EMBRACE, PLAYFUL & CHERISH. Each of these themes have a distinctive mood, helping you find colours that suit your personal taste. In this article, I will take you through the new colours and palettes:

1. Muted & down-to-earth palette

This palette have been inspired by natural and embracing colours hence the name EMBRACE. The colour theme consists of shades that represent natural elements such as soil, sand, desert, iron and rust. Surrounding ourselves with natural elements in the interior has a good effect on us, it helps provide joy and harmony.

“Good memories can be brought to life with colours,” says Larsen. “A yellow-beige tone can bring us back to grandma’s kitchen, and blue-gray can make summer memories from the cabin come flowing back to us. In this way, colours can help create valuable moments.”

EMBRACE have the perfect balance of natural yet colourful colours, and will help bring a calmness and relaxed approach to your home. Here, cold colours meet warmer and golden shades in a harmonic way while providing lots of colour combinations to explore. These tones fit great with wood and rustic textures, especially wood in darker shades. A raw palette which can both offer a warm base, or help bring out stronger contrasts.

“Natural colours embrace us and allows space for life’s many unique moments.”

2. Palette that spark energy, joy & creativity

PLAYFUL is a vibrant palette full of powerful and clear colours filled with optimism and hope. These shades are all about unleashing your creativity and giving new and exciting colour combinations a chance.

“The need to express ourselves with vibrant colours and give the home a personal touch is growing stronger. We can be daring, experiment, and surprising in our decor,” says Larsen.

The colours in this palette are clear and fresh, and carry with them hope and optimism. This is expressed through the lively yellow and green shades as well as the uplifting lavender tones, which together form a colour palette full of energy and playful combinations that brings joy to your home.

If you think these bold colours are a little too daring for your interior, you can keep it more subtle. By using a more neutral base, you can for example, paint a few details such as furnitures, one wall or even the ceiling in one of these vibrant tones. Play around with combinations and see what works for you.

“Many will thrive in a creative interior with encouraging turquoise and green, happy sunny yellow tones and shades of uplifting lavender.”

3. Calming palette in beautiful harmony

With focus on soft shades, CHERISH is a harmonic palette characterised by pleasant tones. Here you find bright and soothing, but at the same time warm and enclosing colours, which in combination with airy textiles and soft surfaces can help create a comfortable atmosphere at home.

Soothing colours and soft surfaces like this will invite good conversations and reflections. “In times of uncertainty, soft and natural colours are a reminder that the home is the very anchor of life,” says Lisbeth Larsen. “It is our sheltered harbour, where we feel safe and comfortable.”

Harmonic neutrals, soft peach, sandy pink and muted green – here we find toned-down shades with a completely unique character are minimalism with distinctiveness. These new neutrals are warm and calm, and have more red in them than the golden beige tones we have seen in interior in recent years. With soft and comfortable expression, they create interiors where its good to live in. The palette has some added elements of light green and shades of rust, which gives delicate contrasting colours to the neutrals.

“Light earth tones and muted shades with references to sandstone will calm the mind and allow for personal expression.”

What do you think of the interior colour trends of 2022 predicted by Jotun? And which of these three palettes are your favourite? I like the variety of all of the palettes, and am excited to see more playful colours appearing in interior this year along with calming and neutral shades.

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// Photos: Jotun


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