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Time to have a look at the Scandinavian interior colour trends of 2021 – exciting!

Every year, Norwegian paint company Jotun release their new collection which predicts the colour trends for the coming year. This year, through their new colour chart, REDISCOVER we get to rediscover timeless colour shades and discover new colours at the same time. The REDISCOVER colour chart contains 4 colour palettes for 2021 and a total of 29 new colours. In this post, I will take you through the new colours and palettes.

Jotun’s global colour manager Lisbeth Larsen and her international team have once again looked ahead and developed a new, global colour chart with stunning shades that reflect the spirit of the times. Many of us are reflecting on lifestyle changes that will be good for ourselves, our homes and the world we live in. The trends have long pointed to more sustainable consumption, and the new world situation has reinforced this trend.

“In uncertain times, our homes become even more important,” says Lisbeth Larsen. “We want to feel safe and protected, and with colours we can create the nourishing atmosphere we need. Our needs can vary from day to day, and from room to room. With beautiful colours and contemporary colour combinations, a complete home is created, with room for both aesthetics and everyday life.”

The colours are presented in the form of four colour stories that inspire you to rediscover the home with new tones and combinations:

1. Warm atmosphere with warm & rustic colours

In the first colour story, Jotun has taken inspiration from all over the world; from golden-pink shades of Moroccan desert sand to the burnt orange tones with Mexican references. The earth’s own colours create associations with landscapes and cultures around the world, and with a unifying palette of these warm, rustic colours you get an interior with a down-to-earth and pleasant atmosphere.

Whether you want to create a zone with a cozy atmosphere or paint several rooms in beautiful earthy tones, these rustic colours will help create an uplifting and nourishing setting. The colours are also a reminder of the world’s cultural heritage, rich traditions and the value of real craftsmanship.

These shades are welcoming and genuine and contribute to a warm atmosphere in your home

2. Soft, neutral colours in sensual harmony

The second theme in the colour chart highlights the most beautiful, neutral shades in dreamy combinations. In a world marked by change, the need for clarity and calm arises. We facilitate this by simplifying our homes, and many are looking for a neutral and harmonious colour base. With clean minimal tones, we remove the superfluous and value the simple.

The combination of these neutral shades can have a great impact on the atmosphere in a room. These colors do not ask for attention, but instead gives us clarity with a soft, soothing appearance. New to the neutral shades from Jotun this year is a brand new muted brown tone, Belgian Brown, which gives the soft shades a renaissance.

Find clarity and calm with these soft neutrals and discreet shades.

3. Airy blue tones & timeless contrasts

The classic, Nordic colour palette with muted, blue shades, is forever relevant! In the LADY REDISCOVER colour chart these classics have been put together in a wonderful, new combination that many people will love. The sight of sky and sea seems uplifting; thoughts turn to the unknown and infinite, and we sense the tranquility that rests in a pristine coastal landscape or in a distant horizon.

This is a palette for those of us who want to be more present in the now, and seize the moment. With these colours you can create a cozy and harmonious look. They encourage you to make your home an inviting haven where you can recharge your batteries. Sounds perfect to me.

These Nordic colour combinations help bring a refined atmosphere of rough nature into the home.

4. Muted & dreamy pastels

Colours are crucial to creating artistic expression. Together, colours can give life to big ideas, and bring new moods to otherwise empty spaces. The fourth theme in the colour chart consists of muted pastels, beautifully composed in a brilliant colour symphony. The colours we choose tell a lot about who we are and how we perceive the world around us. Use these colours to create an inspiring home with uplifting spaces, where imagination can roam free and new ideas can be conceived.

This is a palette for the esthetician, who values design traditions and art history. The shades are as created for the curated home, where carefully selected art objects and decorative objects testify to an interest in interiors and details.

The colours in this set are both retrospective and future-oriented, and give an element of Nordic vintage in an otherwise modern interior.

What do you think of the interior colour trends of 2021 predicted by Jotun? I am very excited to see these calm and inviting tones in interior in the coming months. You can view the full REDISCOVER colour chart here if you want to see more.

Have a look back at the 2020 colours, 2019 colours & 2018 colours to see the past trends.

// Photos: Jotun


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    1. Hi Harry! Me too – the palette is very soothing and calm. Unfortunately I do not know where in the UK you can get Jotun paint, but I suggest you contact them through their UK website for more information.

    1. It is a beautiful shade! I am not sure if it is available in the UK, but I would contact the brand directly and ask if I were you. Good luck :)

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