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Let’s talk about Scandinavian nursery decor! To achieve that Scandinavian feeling in a nursery, start by keeping the room a neutral backdrop whether that is white walls, soft muted tones or darker shades to create a calming space for your baby to enjoy. Then the fun begins – add cute, playful and colourful decor to enhance that Nordic look and stimulate the baby. The key is to find that perfect balance of serenity and fun. As much as Scandinavian decor is beautiful, it is also often focusing on being practical. Another thing to bear in mind is to keep things minimal; do not fill the room with too many things, and be smart with storage solutions to help you keep it as uncluttered as possible. Think about what you and your baby really need and add functional, useful items.

As I have recently delved into the world of all things baby, I am discovering so much cute decor I wanted to share with you. Whether you are looking for items for your own home or gifts to expecting parents and kids, I hope there will be something to inspire you in this post.

Cute ideas for a baby room:

1. Winston night light by Liewood from Scandiborn

This cute Winston night light gives off a soothing warm glow to comfort your little one at bedtime, and is also perfect for those midnight feeds when you don’t want to turn on the full light in the room and instead keep things cozy. It has the sweetest little face to keep your little one company as they drift off to the land of nod. The lamp is in a soft material and looks great whether the light is switched on or not, it also has a recharging point underneath so no batteries needed and better for our planet too. Available in different colours and animals, but my favourite is the rabbit in this beautiful peppermint tone.

2. World rug by OYOY

How adorable is this world rug? It illustrates the whole world with wild animals and where they are located – perfect for an animal loving child. The World rug with its calming colours is a great detail in a nursery room. Made in a tufted quality of 80% wool and 20% cotton, it is a great place for the baby to lie on or crawl around because of its softness. It is also an item that can grow with the baby, as it fits just as nicely into a kids-room as a nursery.

3. Rhino & Friends wooden wall hook set by Sebra from Scandiborn

Add texture and colour to the walls with these three stylish, contemporary and minimalist wooden wall hooks. Rhino & Friends is a classic interpretation of the rhino, the elephant and the giraffe with the perfect Scandinavian look. This set of three hooks in safari animal design are crafted from wood in a natural finish. The giraffe is the longest animal and protrudes 10 cm from the wall, so the hooks do not take up much space no matter where they are placed.

4. Fruiticana wallpaper by Ferm Living

A cute wallpaper is a easy way to add personality and fun into a nursery. The Fruiticana series channels an exotic vibe and turns the room into a paradise with fantastic details like little fruits and palm trees. The colourways are whimsical, yet kept in a dim hue which quietly blends into a neutral room. As it’s printed on smart, non-woven quality paper, the wallpaper is made from a mix of textile and paper fibres, which makes it more durable and easier to hang.

Note: the pear shaped storage basket seen below is also great for with filling toys and keeping a clutter free space.

5. Changing mat by Sebra from Scandiborn

A changing mat is quite essential in a nursery, and when I saw this minimal one I thought it was just perfect for a Scandi home. The Pusle Put changing mat has a soft and water-repellent surface that is easy to clean and therefore very handy but also comfortable for your baby. The baby’s nest-like shape with its high edge will help prevent your baby from rolling down off the mat. The soft edges also ensure that the active child who moves around during nappy changes will not hit their head against the back wall or the edge of the changing unit. Use it on a changing table or on a chest of drawers to create a pretty and cozy changing station for your little one. Available in light beige and dark grey.

6. Round dorm shelf by Ferm Living

The Round Dorm shelf is made of beech wood and has a modern design with its round shape. Hang the shelf on the wall and fill it with all your favourite baby things and memories to cherish. Its round, organic shape will fit in any home and will give the wall an elegant, unique and delicate look.

7 // Moon Valley kids blanket by Ekelund Linneväveri

Add a fun Nordic detail to the nursery with this charming Moomin kids blanket. Made of soft ecological cotton, the blanket is available in several soft pastel shades, all featuring the Tove Jansson’s Moomin characters that we know and love. A beautiful interior detail and a practical blanket to also use on the sofa or in the pram.

8 // Wooden Mini Rabbit hook by OYOY

Another wall hook – the mini rabbit hook in natural wood is not only of practical use, but it is also a very fun and decorating item. Made in 100% beech with a minimal expression, it can be used individually or be combined with other cute hooks such as the mini bear hook (as seen here) or the mini panda hook.

9. Weather mobile by Meri Meri

I love the look of this adorable weather baby mobile, it is a great way to add a fun, colourful touch to a little one’s room to make them smile. It features a shiny star, bright rainbow, and a sweetly smiling sun and cloud, all made from soft knitted cotton and is perfect for both a boy and a girl.

10. Lion music mobile by Ferm Living

Not only is a music mobile practical, this one is also so cute and decorative. While the sun sets on the Savannah, you can let this cute lion lull your baby to sleep, playing the classic Brahms’ lullaby. It is made of natural and raw linen with filling made by recycled polyester and simply looks adorable.

11. Growing green early learning play mat by Nobodinoz

This ultra-comfortable organic cotton mat is perfect for your baby to develop their senses as it offers plenty of learning through play. It offers various early learning activities: the crackling star, the moon-shaped rattle, the maple ring and the honeycomb cloud. Its edges are padded, so that your child does not escape. It is 100 cm in diameters with a thickness of 8 cm, and its soft tones fits perfectly into a Scandinavian style nursery room.

12. Emi wet wipe cover by Liewood from Scandiborn

Baby wipes are a must have for any parent but the packaging doesn’t always look great when left out on the changing table. The Emi wet wipe cover is the perfect answer to masking tasteless wet wipes packages and helps make sure you can always find them. Perfectly shaped with cute bear ears, it has a small opening at the top, ensuring easy dispense and keeping wipes moist. Available in a range of colours to fit the style of your nursery.

13. Wildlife poster by Sebra from Scandiborn

This wildlife animal poster of the Danish alphabet is both decorative and educational when the baby grows because they can learn their ABC whilst spotting their favourite animals. A cute addition to make the nursery vibrant and fun.

14. Wooden rolling horse toy by Konges Sløjd from Scandiborn

This lovely, traditional wooden Dala horse style toy is made for push along adventures but also looks great displayed on a shelf. Crafted from sustainable beech wood, this high quality toy is robust and made to last. Full of nostalgia, this four legged friend on wheels is sure to become a favourite toy as it is wheeled around during imaginative playtime fun.

15. Age wooden blocks by Ferm Living

Childhood is a magical time and with these beautiful wooden age blocks, you can trace every day, week, month, and year of it. Delivered in a soft cotton bag, the set has four blocks with the numbers 0-9 in a modern, graphic style. Four larger blocks let you show whether you’re counting days, weeks, months, or years. These blocks are perfect to display on a shelf in your nursery but also fun for your little one to play with and stack.

16. Fabric clam lamp by Konges Sløjd from Scandiborn

This fun and quirky clam lamp makes for a lovely stylish statement in the nursery. With its beautiful and delicate clam shaped design, It can be mounted to the wall or used as a free standing table lamp. Crafted from 100% organic cotton fabric, it creates a soft warm glow for a wonderfully cozy atmosphere your baby and you will enjoy.

17. Natural knitted Moses basket by Little Green Sheep from Scandiborn

This beautiful natural Moses basket with knitted insert will allow you to create a natural sleeping environment from the very first day. It is the perfect cozy place for your new baby to sleep up to 6 months and also looks so decorative. The Moses basket comes complete with an organic mattress and you can purchase a wooden stand separately to keep it on. Ideal for a hygge style nursery, and it is light enough to be moved from room to room when needed and for overnight stays.

>>> If you like this post, keep an eye out as I am planning another one with more Scandinavian style kids furniture as well as showing you how I will create my own nursery area at home. You can keep updated over on my Instagram as I share more there :)

Disclaimer: some of the above links are affiliated which means I will receive a small commission. You won’t pay any more by clicking on these links, but it will help me to be able to continue providing you with free content here on the blog, so thank you for the support!


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  1. Hi there,

    I was wondering if the cat wall hanging in this baby room is a rug hook set? If so, what is the website. I am looking to do a kit for a friend.

    1. Hi Nancy! It is called the ‘Tiger Wallhanger’ and is also from OYOY so you should find it on their website or any shops selling that brand :)

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