jotun LADY 10981 Norwegian Wood^ 10981 Norwegian Wood

This week the Rhythm of Life colour card was released by Jotun after a year of researching global trends, unveiling 32 shades that will define interiors around the world in the year to come.

The selection done by the Norwegian company is full of ideas, realities, values and aspirations shared by people around the world, developed in response to the changing nature of modern international living. The palette is divided into three themes, read more about these below and have a look at some of the inspiring images from Jotun’s lookbook:

CITY MOTIONS represents modern urban creative culture, expressed through the pared-back design of compact city living spaces. Fusing an industrial aesthetic with comfortable, easy-living simplicity, it presents a refined and restrained palette of deep blues, marble greys and woody browns.

jotun LADY 10965 Hipster Brown ^ 10965 Hipster Brown

jotun LADY 1391 Light Antique Grey ^ 1391 Light Antique Grey

jotun LADY 5455 Industrial Blue 5044 Icy Blue ^ 5455 Industrial Blue & 5044 Icy Blue

SILENT SERENITY embodies the meeting point of mindfulness and multiculturalism of the considered, nomadic lifestyle, captured in the light shades of earth and sand – soothing creams, desert pinks and muted peaches.

jotun LADY 10580 Soft Skin 2^ 10580 Soft Skin

jotun LADY 1024 Timeless^ 1024 Timeless

jotun LADY 10966 Almond Beige 20047 Blushing Peach^ 10966 Almond Beige & 20047 Blushing Peach

jotun LADY 10961 Raw Canvas 10965 Hipster Brown^ 10961 Raw Canvas & 10965 Hipster Brown

LUSH GARDEN takes us out of the city and into the forest, representing the grounding and restorative connection with nature, and offering a botanical sanctuary from the relentless pace of life. The blue-greens of leaves and jungle pools are contrasted with the red-browns of bark and branch.

jotun LADY 8281 Pale Linden^ 8281 Pale Linden

jotun LADY 8302 Laurel^ 8302 Laurel

jotun LADY 0963 Golden Bronze^ 0963 Golden Bronze

jotun LADY 20054 Silky Pink^ 20054 Silky Pink

‘How people think and what people dream of is actually surprisingly similar whether you live in Muscat or in Copenhagen. Everyone shares a love of colour. Our research identified three trends that are common to inhabitants of every global city: our longing for the restorative power of nature; our dream of a calmer, slower-paced way of life in the sun; and our desire to make the most of our increasingly compact urban living spaces in minimalist but creative ways.’ – Lisbeth Larsen (Jotun)

// Photos: Line Thit Klein
// Styling: Kråkvik & D´Orazio

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    1. Agreed Gunn Sissel, it makes me want to paint my walls looking at all these lovely shades! Norwegian Wood is lovely and deep, perfect for this time of year.

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