^ 12083 Devine & 1024 Timeless

Norwegian paint company Jotun recently released their new collection Lady Identity predicting the colour trends for next year. The 2019 colour chart is full of inspiration and gorgeous shades perfect for a Nordic style home. It was developed by the Global Colour Manager Lisbeth Larsen in collaboration with photographer Line Thit Klein and Jotun’s permanent and internationally renowned stylist duo Kråkvik & D’Orazio.

With 28 contemporary colours that reflect trends in modern urban lifestyles, the colour chart is based on three beautiful palettes: calm, raw & refined. Read more and see examples of each theme below. What colour catches your eye?

CALM value meaning rather than quantity. The focus is on the beautiful and simple Nordic minimalism and a Zen-inspired atmosphere. The soft, neutral shades and warmth of the palette, subtle contrasts reflect this.

^ 12078 Comfort Grey

^ 10290 Soft Touch

^ 12076 Modern Beige & 1024 Timeless (on the roof)

^ 12086 Rustic Pink

^ 12075 Soothing Beige

^ 1622 Reflection & 12078 Comfort Grey (wall on staircase)

^ 12074 Peachy

RAW is terrestrial and appreciates the honest and true. The home reflects craftsmanship, a sense of nature and creative reuse. The palette’s warm earth colors and neutral gray shades underpin this rustic style.

^ 20120 Organic Red

^ 7628 Treasure

^ 12085 Rural

^ 20118 Amber Red & 12075 Soothing Beige

^ 12078 Comfort Grey & 2024 Senses (on the bed)

^ 20120 Organic Red

REFINED has a curated expression where vintage treasures, rare design objects and art testify of an exquisite sense of aesthetics. The palette’s yellow and green shades and harmonious accent colors allow the details to come true and emphasize the distinctiveness of the interior.

^ 7629 Antique Green

^ 7628 Treasure & 7236 Chi (on the ceiling)

^ 12081 Silky Yellow

^ 7628 Treasure & 12084 Dusky Peach (on the board)

^ 7629 Antique Green

^ 3377 Slate Lavender

^ 0394 Warm grey

“The home is the story of who we are. Told through the things we provide space for and the colors we surround ourselves with.” – Lisbeth Larsen

Have a look back at the 2018 colours here.

// Photos: Line Thit Klein
// Styling: Kråkvik & D´Orazio

Ingrid Opstad

That Scandinavian feeling is a blog by Ingrid Opstad, a Norwegian journalist living in Italy. Ingrid wants her blog to represent the feeling of coziness and calm with a Nordic simplistic, minimalistic style. The blog is intended to share her knowledge and love for Scandinavia; touching upon everything from interiors, design, lifestyle, travel to hygge. A place where you can get inspired to find that Scandinavian feeling yourself, no matter where in the world you are.

September 10, 2018