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jotun lady 2024 senses 4863 statement blue web

^ LADY 4863 Statement Blue & 2024 Senses

Every year, Norwegian paint company Jotun release their new collection which predicts the colour trends for the coming year. This time they are celebrating the new decade by launching twelve new colours matched with eight timeless hues. Each of them with a distinct character and its own personality, helping you creating unique atmospheres in your home. The new colours combinations give a multitude of harmonious options, for a beautiful and personal interior style.

According to Jotun, colours have a great influence on our well-being, and therefore an important part of creating spaces for good experiences and balance in life. The beautiful new collection was developed by the Global Colour Manager Lisbeth Larsen in collaboration with photographer Line Thit Klein and Jotun’s permanent and internationally renowned stylist duo Kråkvik & D’Orazio.

“2020 represents a whole new decade. Many of us want to make some changes in life, learn something new, travel or just daydream a little more. Anyway; a good place to start is at home in our own environment,” says Lisbeth Larsen.

“When designing a new colour, we always ask ourselves what we want the colour to express,” says Larsen. Because it is about more than a new colour – it is about interpreting trends in society and what will be important to people in the time to come.

jotun lady 8546 local green 2020

jotun lady 8546 local green details

^ LADY Wonderwall 8546 Local Green – a lush shade helping you to bring nature into your home.

Local Green gives associations to the lasting and true. The colour seems reassuring, while at the same time creating a connection with the surroundings outside the home.

jotun lady minerals 11174 curious mind ladypc11174 2020

jotun lady 11174 curious elegant graa skifer 1

^ LADY 11174 Curious Mind – a delicious, versatile colour.

Curious Mind fits perfectly both as a golden, neutral base and as a modern accent. Perfect for those who value exploring and experimenting. In contrast to other colours, the grey-yellow hue can be both tough and masculine.

jotun lady 11173 humble yellow 2 web

jotun lady 11173 humble yellow lady 1352 form 1 web

^ LADY 11173 Humble Yellow – a beautiful and muted yellow tone but with a clear presence.

Humble Yellow is a discreet and sophisticated yellow tone, giving way to other accents without ever disappearing into the background. The colour is a compelling expression of the fact that being humble can also be a sign of strength. A humble and discreet colour.

jotun lady 20142 daydream 1 web

jotun lady 20142 daydream 4638549020145 web

jotun lady 20142 daydream 1 2020

^ LADY 20142 Daydream – a beautiful and luxurious colour which creates an elegant atmosphere.

Daydream is a muted plum colour we can easily to fall in love with. It is a slightly luxurious, exceptionally beautiful and absolutely perfect in rooms where rest and good conversation are the main focus. It brings a feeling of being down to earth, warm and comfortable.

jotun lady 4863 statement blue 2020

jotun lady 4863 statement blue 2 web

^ LADY 4863 Statement Blue – a blue colour full of power and personality.

Statement Blue creates a bold and personal interior that oozes sophisticated self-confidence. A colour that provides plenty of energy and adds exciting character to the home. The option for those who want a clear and effective colour expression!

jotun lady 20145 wisdom 2020

jotun lady 20145 wisdom 2 2020

^ LADY Pure Color 20145 Wisdom – a coat of matt and elegant magic.

Wisdom is a deep plum tone that seems unifying. It is ideal for rooms where the good conversation or concentration is the focus, be it the dining room, a workroom or – if you are really lucky; a library. A magical and soothing tone encouraging clear thoughts in an atmosphere of refined, masculine elegance.

jotun lady 11175 adventure 1 web

jotun lady 11175 adventure 11174 curious mind 1 web

^ LADY 11175 Adventure – an exotic color experience.

Adventure is a burnt orange tone that evokes images of Africa’s steppes and beautiful fabrics. The colour is golden, earthy and warm, and adds to an exotic atmosphere. There are always new colours, flavours, fragrances and ideas to explore.

jotun lady 7637 exhale lady 20142 daydream tabl web

jotun lady 7637 exhale lady 10001 dijon yellow 1 web

^ LADY 7637 Exhale – relaxing and muted mint.

Exhale is a light and subtle mint tone that invites silence and tranquillity and contributes to a comfortable atmosphere. The expression becomes cool, breathable and relaxing. A nice colour to surround yourself with when you want to create a place to calm down and rest in.

jotun lady 20144 grounded red 3 web

jotun lady 20144 grounded red 2 web

LADY 20144 Grounded Red – creates a warm and protective atmosphere.

Grounded Red restores the connection to the down-to-earth and real, and allows us to gain strength and stability in our own homes. The colour is raw and honest, and turns the room into a warm and protective cocoon. An excellent colour choice for those who want a safe and warm atmosphere.

jotun lady 5489 free spirit 11175 adventure vindu 1 web

jotun lady 5489 free spirit wall and furniture web

^ LADY 5489 Free Spirit – an optimistic and harmonic colour.

Full of personality, quick and stimulating, Free Spirit is the ideal shade for those who want the home to replenish with new energy. A colour in perfect balance between green and blue, which feels refreshing and vibrant but at the same time warm and cool.

jotun lady sf matt 5490 serene blue 7 web

jotun lady 5490 serene blue 3 web

^ LADY 5490 Serene Blue – creates balance and harmony.

Serene Blue is a reminder of the tranquillity that exists between heaven and sea. The colour is soft but still gives a clear signature. Full of confidence, it creates a harmonic mood in the interior, while it can easily be combined with other colours. Blue has always been the colour of calm, and with this shade, you can create a peaceful and balanced atmosphere at home.

jotun lady 20143 lively red 20144 grounded red web

jotun lady 20143 lively red 4 web

^ LADY 20143 Lively Red – a colour that exudes energy.

Lively Red gives promise of playfulness and adds a solid dose of energy to your life. The colour is warm and cheerful and offers a sense of security and stimulation in equal amounts. This is a vibrant shade that holds optimism, joy and creativity.

jotun lady 5490 serene blue 20143 lively red web

^ LADY 5490 Serene Blue & 20143 Lively Red.

jotun lady 5489 free spirit 11175 andventure web

^ LADY 5489 Free Spirit & 11175 Adventure.

What do you think of the interior colour trends of 2020 predicted by Jotun?

Have a look back at the 2019 colours here & 2018 here to see the past trends.

// Photos: Line Thit Klein
// Styling: Kråkvik & D´Orazio


7 responses

  1. I love the richness of these colors – and they’re all fabulous. But if used under Mediterranean light then you need to use them after very careful planning. I would probably mix some ‘Statement Blue’ with a lots of ‘Curious Mind’ and accents of ‘Exhale’ to keep it edgy, modern and easy on the eyes even under Mediterranean light! xo

  2. It’s fun to see trends that are getting bolder. We don’t blame the gray color but it feels like it’s been very boring to be in a gray room the last few years. It is fitting that colors like serene and mint get more attention and become a trend.

    1. Hi Frank! So sorry I missed this comment – they are photos taken by photographer Line Thit Klein.

  3. Here we get to know about the Scandinavian interior colour trends of 2020 from jotun lady information in detail. It helps us to decide that which one is best among its types. I enjoyed reading this article and would suggest others it as well. Thank you for this article! This is really very informative for us.Find an incredible site having lots of ideas and tips that can be handy

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