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Time to slow down and enjoy the little things in life like a good cup of coffee. If you love coffee + Nordic design as much as me, then I think you will enjoy this post.

In this new series here on the blog I will each time share my top finds with you in different categories from interior, style, design and more. Last post was dedicated to the plant lovers out there, and this time I have searched the web to collect my favourite items for all you coffee drinkers. Let’s get started:

1 Mia Maya Design ceramic mugs

If you are after beautiful, nordic style mugs for your coffee, check out Mia Maya Design. She develops and produces all her products by hand in her Copenhagen workshop which gives a nice, unique look to her designs. Using traditional craft methods, each item is prepared and decorated by hand using casting, throwing and glazed brush patterns. They are perfect for displaying on your kitchen shelf too – like you can see I have done on mine.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee mugs

2 Stelton Theo coffee maker

Theo is a coffee maker for all ‘slow brew’ filter coffee fans. With its beautiful contrasts and simplistic expression, the Theo range has been designed to stimulate the senses. Made in matt black stoneware with a shiny glaze it is both rustic and elegant. The filter funnel only has three holes at the bottom to ensure the run-through time is naturally reduced, and the coffee maker holds 0.6 L which is perfect for 1–2 people depending on how much coffee you like to drink. The coffee pot also comes with a collar of heat insulating silicone, which provides a good grip and avoids burnt fingers. Take your time and enjoy a slow brew…

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scandinavianfeeling coffee maker theo

3 Hetkinen pine-coffee lip balm

This refreshing and aromatic lip balm contains essential pine oil and cold pressed oil from Arabica coffee beans, and will leave your lips feeling pleasant and smooth as silk. The scents in this product combine two essential Finnish elements: freshly brewed coffee and the Finnish forest. In addition to coffee oil, this lip balm contains plenty of cold pressed vegetable oils which soften your skin – coconut, baobab, and almond oil, as well as shea butter and jojoba wax. The coffee butter soothes and refreshes dry lips, while the pine stimulates and enhances concentration. A lip balm that perks you up because it does contain caffeine.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee lip balm

Lakrids C dark & coffee choc coated liquorice

For a connoisseur, good coffee tends to be part of everyday life. Lakrids C is a sweet liquorice coated in a blend of smooth milk chocolate and quality coffee beans. The roasting profiles are carefully selected for the development of Lakrids C because of its fruity and floral notes. To ensure the unique product quality Lakrids receive the freshly roasted coffee at their factory just prior to the liquorice production. A good source of coffee all day long. don’t you think?

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scandinavianfeeling coffee chocolate treat

5 Ikea Tempererad coffee measure and clip

This tastefully designed coffee measure in brass is not only stylish but also very practical – the smart clip makes it easy for you to seal the packaging to keep the coffee fresh while you can also hang the spoon in it. So smart and simple. Ikea also sells their own ground coffee and the look of the bags fit perfectly displayed in a Nordic style home.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee spoon design

6 Desenio Fika poster

This poster with a quote about the Swedish fika concept is perfect to hang in the kitchen or the dining room and can be stylishly combined with more posters. Fika is something so important in Swedish culture that both the concept and the Swedish word are beginning to spread around the world. This trendy poster in black and white explains in English exactly what a classic Swedish fika is. A given for Scandinavian-style interiors.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee fika poster

7 Frank Body original coffee body scrub

The Frank Body original coffee body scrub blends coffee and oils to keep the skin perky, even and soft. The combination of ingredients smells like an orange mocha frappuccino (yum), and is apparantly ideal for tackling breakouts, scars and stretch marks. The roasted and ground Robusta coffee beans  will stimulate blood flow, promote collagen production and exfoliation. So now you can even smell coffee while having your morning shower…

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scandinavianfeeling coffee scrub body

8 Eva Solo Cafesolo coffee maker

This coffee maker provides a simple brewing method that brings the best out of your coffee beans – without filters, steam or pushing and pulling. Simply spoon ground coffee into the glass flask and fill with boiling water. Stir and insert the drip free filter funnel in the top of the flask. Wait 4 minutes and pour. It also helps keeps the coffee hot thanks to the decorative insulating cover. The coffeemaker features a drip-free pouring lip, it opens automatically when pouring. The coffee maker itself is dishwasher-proof but the cover should be hand washed. Designed around aesthetics, functionality, and quality; made in Denmark.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee maker

9 Gjest Design Flex coffee filter holder

Flex coffee filter holder is a product made to make everyday life easier. With its simplistic design, the holder is perfect for all coffee lovers, who want to dedicate a special place to their favourite hobby. The holder is a part of a series to help you get organised in the kitchen: Flex is a multifunctional storage shelf – just the right size and with all the elements you need for keeping your bits and pieces tidy in all sorts of settings. Stylishly functional in the best tradition of Nordic design, it is made with a focus on high quality materials and combines a magnetic strip, shelf, hooks, mirror, side table, boxes and more. Effortlessly interchangeable, so you choose the set up that works for you.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee filter holder shelf

10 Tivoli by Normann Copenhagen Entry coffee pot

The arch of Tivoli’s main entrance inspired the design of the Entry coffee and tea set from Normann Copenhagen, made in ceramics with a glazed finish. A simple, elegant design with characterful elements such as the rounded lids and handles make the Entry set a new favorite for coffee breaks and tea time.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee jug

11 Britt Bakkens Keramikk heart-shaped waffle mug

This beautiful mug is handmade by Norwegian maker Britt Bakkens Keramikk, an it is perfect for hygge moments. Its size is great for a large coffee. The heart shape on the front is a nod to the traditional Norwegian waffles which gives me a a lovely reminder of Norway and home.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee mug waffles

12 Fritz Hansen Tray Stack

The beautiful Tray Stack by Wednesday Architectur is inspired by traditional Nordic bentwood boxes and shaker living. It provides a aesthetically pleasing way to serve coffee and looks great on your coffee table.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee tray

13 How to Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean

How to Make Coffee by Lani Kingston provides an in-depth look at the art and science behind the bean. Learn the anatomy of coffee; the chemistry of caffeine; the best way to roast, grind, and brew the beans to their peak flavor; and what gadgets you really need (versus what gadgets are for mere coffee dilettantes). With illustrated, step-by-step instructions, How to Make Coffee is for the person who doesn’t want to settle for anything less than the perfect cup of coffee.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee book

14 Homesick Sunrise Coffee scented candle

Feel the smell of freshly ground espresso beans though this candle. It has a rich coffee scent to fuel your day. The candle has notes of black espresso and lemon peel, and 40-60 hour burn time. Perfect for cozy hygge moments at home and a gift to a coffee lover.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee candle

15 Fika Coffee North Shore blend

A year round seasonal house blend from Fika Coffee that named after North Shore of Lake Superior. It has a medium body balanced by sweetness and a little brightness, and originates from Guatemala, Brasil & Ethiopia. Sounds lovely right?

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scandinavianfeeling coffee fika beans

16 Bodum Pour Over drip coffee maker

The Pour Over drip coffee maker from Bodum features a sleek design that lets you place it directly on top of a mug or jar. The water slowly drips through the coffee grounds so that you can enjoy a sumptuous cup of hot coffee. The Pour Over drip coffee maker is the perfect way to create a calm and harmonious moment right at the start of the day.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee pour over

17 Nicolas Vahé caramel coffee syrup

If you are like me, you might like a little extra in your coffee sometimes and then this syrup is a great choice! The delightful caramel syrup from Nicolas Vahé will help you create the most delicious coffees, but can also be used in smoothies or milkshakes. Enjoy this high-quality syrup with the taste of caramel consisting of sweetness and a rich flavour. The syrup is likewise ideal to eat on top of ice cream, yogurt, waffles, hot chocolate and on top of other things that need a sweet touch…. mmm…

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scandinavianfeeling coffee syrup

18 Holmegaard Palet storage jar

The Palet storage jar is made from mouth-blown glass and has a beautiful oak lid. The jar’s 12-litre capacity can be used for storing coffee but also all sorts of things like porridge oats, tea, – or knick-knacks and jewellery. Michael Bang originally designed the Palet range in the 1960s, and the range has been a sought-after design classic for Holmegaard ever since. With the relaunch of the range, this design really hits the spot for today’s popular retro wave, bringing together styles old and new in the home.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee jars

19 Chemex Coffee greeting card 

This minimal and beautiful Chemex coffee greeting was designed & created by Lettered West in Denver, CO. A lovely and thoughtful card with a nordic mood for a coffee lover.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee greeting card

20 Lene Bjerre Amera cup and saucer

Enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea with the Amera cup and saucer from Lene Bjerre. The Amera range is characterised by earthy colours and distinctive, organic shapes which helps bring nature inside your home – best enjoyed with delicious food and good company.

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scandinavianfeeling coffee cup saucer

21 Kids Concept Swedish fika coffee set

And lastly, what about something for the kids? Now, with this cute little wooden toy set, your little ones can join in on your morning routine too. It is designed in Scandinavia and hand-crafted using the finest wood. It males fika time that much cuter song you think?

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scandinavianfeeling coffee set kids toy

Hope you liked these finds and stay tuned for next edition of this series. Are there anything particular you would like to see next? Let me know :)


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