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Happy weekend! Anyone else having trouble getting out of bed these days?…

To me, the perfect bedroom is cozy, tranquil and calm. A space where you feel relaxed and can easily fall asleep in (but never want to leave). If you feel the same, I know you will love this collection of 10 cozy Scandinavian bedrooms. It features everything from simple and neutral tones to more colourful settings, and might give you some styling tips for your own home.

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^ With soft neutral tones, crinkled bed linen and light wood details, this Swedish bedroom seen on Alvhem gives off the perfect relaxing and calm feeling. A great addition to keeping it simple is the large wall-to-wall linen drapes that I imagine covers the wardrobe. Smart way to hide your storage don’t you think? A beautiful and balanced space.




^ This cozy bedroom found on Entrance perfectly shows us how to create a tranquil and inviting space with darker walls. The bed looks so inviting with complementary beige shades on pillows and the blanket, and the soft light coming thought the windows along with the additions of greenery helps sets the tone.

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^ Blue is a very soothing colour, and I find it to be perfect for a bedroom. Just look at this space in a Swedish home via Alvhem – very calming. The brass lamps help elevate the room and adds a nice, luxurious touch.

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^ The simplicity of this white bedroom seen on Coco Lapine along with the delicate watercolour wallpaper on the opposite wall from the bed works so well. It adds that little extra and the design of the wallpaper is very relaxing to look at. It almost looks like mountains, so I can imagine falling asleep and dreaming of being outdoors.
cozy home bedroom 2

cozy home bedroom 1

^ This bedroom by Janniche from Bloggaibagis in Stockholm is cozy, inviting and homely with its warm tones. I like the unexpected colour combination and the styling, it feels personal and unique.

Airy pale grey apartment 13

Airy pale grey apartment 17

^ I discovered this light grey and airy bedroom on These Four Walls and think it gives off a lovey and calm mood. The colour scheme and details have a simplistic expression, and I can imagine it being a space you enter and feel at peace in.



^ Any shade of green create a calming effect, and the muted green wall colour in this charming bedroom seen on Scandicool is in my eyes perfect. It creates a warm and welcoming feeling and helps you relax.

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^ The soft beige tones and the unmade bed in this bedroom spotted on Alvhem adds a cozy mood. With large windows the natural light and the light ceiling length curtains enhance the relaxed ambiance perfectly.

bedroom neutral 1

bedroom neutral 2

bedroom neutral 3

^ The neutral tones in the bedroom of femte.til.venstre makes it a serene and lovely space. Imagine waking up here? I also love the fact that she has used the back of the bed to hang clothes, practical for planning your outfit for the next day.

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^ How cozy is this little bedroom nook seen on Alvheim? It certainly gives me hygge vibes, and I love the gallery wall above the bed full of wall art.

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