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that scandinavian feeling office home work comfy

As many of us now are working from home, I thought it was a great time to offer a bit of inspiration for anyone who might want to create a minimal and calm home office space for themselves. I think it is very important to create a comfortable space you enjoy and feel inspired in. For me, a calm and neat area helps me to be productive, and I am happy to have my own little desk space in my living room. Think about what makes you creative, whether that is a white minimal space or adding more colours… It is your choice and should reflect your style and personality. With that in mind, I know some of you might not have a space to create a home office and will be on your sofa or dining table which I can totally relate to. It is perfectly fine for now, especially under the circumstances we are in. Be creative and find what works best for you.

Here are 10 home offices that perfectly shows how you can create a space to feel calm and productive:

that scandinavian feeling office home blue shelf scaled

^ I love the idea of a custom built in desk space seen in this Swedish home via Alvhem. The blue tone choose is perfect for a calm space, and it is a great idea to paint the wall, desk and shelves in the same tone for a minimal expression.

Working from home 1

^ Not only does Abi from the popular blog These Four Walls have a beautiful space to work, she is also sharing her top tips for working from home which is something many of us are doing right now. Hope it can help you if working from home is new to you.

leibal glagauer strabe mar plus ask 8

^ A great way to utilise space is to find a large window in your home (if you have one) like this one from a minimalist house located in Berlin. It looks so tranquil and peaceful to sit there, and the large drapes makes it even better as you can close the space off when you need a break.


^ If you are short of space, adding a simple modern desk or table wherever you have space whether in your bedroom or living room can be a great temporary option. Go for a small version that blends with the rest of the room as seen here on Fantastic Frank and you are good to go.

MED65BF78E0508A4F74BC196377C87872DF 20191216111355 w2200 q80

^ Talking about a small desk, a vintage find can be just as great – just look at this lull adorable one in a home on Alvheim. Cute right? And the dark wood of the desk compliment the warm beige tone of the wall perfectly creating a calming effect.

onlydecolove desk scaled

^ Keep it simple with white and soft muted tones of brown with wood and leather as seen here in the home of Only Deco Love. A lot of white space around you will give your mind space to think and feel relaxed, while having a window near helps bring inspiration.

rimage 1 69

^ This warm bedroom with a cute, simple desk found on Coco Lapine blog shows how some greenery can add a calming effect to your work station.

MEDD02D2089C3394E919CBF689C3DBFB29D 20190828170242 w2200 q80

^ A great to utilise the space if you have a blank wall is to create an integrated office space and shelving system as seen here on Alvheim. I have a string shelf system myself which is also a great option.

MEDA2779CCEBAF94E6C81EC6307AEBBFE45 20190803000852 w2200 q80

^ I love the retro vibe this home office space seen on Historiska Hem is giving with dusky pink and dark wood. A soothing and calming space to be creative.

MEDD1EF03899C6944C1BB7A7EDBC0811E81 20180329060627 w2200 q80

^ Even a simple shelf can be utilised as a desk as perfectly shown here in this historic Scandinavian home via Historiska Hem. Easy solution and one you can repurpose as a display shelf when this is all over and you will back in your normal office space.

How are you finding working from home? Hope some of these beautiful spaces can inspire you to make your own space more calm and inviting. Stay safe.


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