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The kitchen is a place to unwind and slow down, whether you enjoy cooking, baking or simply coming together to eat. Scandinavian kitchens are often open and minimal, but even so, they seem so cozy and inviting.

Below you can find my 10 tips on how to create a cozy Scandi style environment in your kitchen:

1 // Faux fur creates a lovely atmosphere and is great to have on a bench in the kitchen or on a chair as seen here on Decordots. It adds a sophistication and cozy warmth to your home while giving you that Scandinavian feeling. Comfort and style all in one.

cantilever cozy plants kitchen green

2 // Bring nature inside with plants and green to brighten up your kitchen. Large leafy greenery and hanging plants are perfect, but if you want something useful try adding herb plants. This image by Cantilever shows how lovely a bit of greenery will make your minimal kitchen.

boligplus cozy fireplace kitchen wide

boligplus cozy fireplace kitchen

3 // Adding a fireplace to your kitchen area is a great idea, if you have space for it. It can either act as a little open wall dividing the kitchen and dining area, or be more integrated into the kitchen. I love the idea here from Boligplus where the fireplace links a cozy little coffee corner with the rest of the room. The exposed brick wall and darker wood floor also add to the hygge vibe.

mylovelythings cozy candles kitchen scandinavian

4 // Candles always brings a warm and lovely feeling, try adding some candles to your cozy kitchen. While cooking or eating have them around the area when the light starts to fade outside, whether on the kitchen counter, shelves or tables. Just look how inviting it looks like in this home found on Anna Truelsen’s blog My Lovely Things. (But be sure to blow out when leaving the room!)

nordicdays cozy rug kitchen

5 // A lovely kitchen rug will cozy up your place, making it feel more comfortable with texture. Photo via Nordic Days. Got for muted and neutral colours like for instance grey or beige, or even a subtle pattern to compliment the minimal space.

nook cozy winsow kitchen wide

6 // If you are lucky enough to have a large window in your kitchen, this is the perfect place for a cozy nook! This one spotted on My Paradissi looks very bright and dreamy, I would love to sit there with a coffee in hand and gaze out while my boyfriend does the cooking ;-)

stylizimo cozy dark kitchen wide

7 // A black or dark shade on the kitchen brings a cozy feeling. With open shelves like in Stylizimo’s kitchen, you can add personal touches and decorative objects to make it even more homely. Ypu don’t need much, just a few items that are personal to you like for instance the beautiful Nedre Foss Ildhane candleholder seen here.

lulleoglaban cozy warm kitchen wide

8 // A warm glow from the right lamps will help to set the mood, just look at this minimal yet cozy kitchen area by Lulle & Laban. The warmth of the ceiling light fixtures are very appropriate for cozy living spaces where we want to relax and be comfy during the evenings.

tinahellberg cozy wood kitchen wide

9 // In a minimal and light environment, wood and natural elements accompanied by neutral, warm colours can make it less clinical and more welcoming. This home styled by Tina Hellberg show us how mixing darker wood elements make the kitchen cozier and looking more lived in.

kjerstilykke cozy branch kitchen

10 // Natural outdoor touches, like for instance a branch as seen here from Kjerstis Lykke to hang utensils and equipment on, is a great way to add a little cozy element. I think it gives a bit of a rustic and inviting vibe.

I would love to know, how do you make your kitchen a cozy space?


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