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Time to get inspired by these cozy Scandinavian homes to see how they effortlessly achieve that hygge feeling. Click on the link above each home to see more of the interiors.

1 // Beautiful Swedish apartment with vintage accents, a cozy wood-burners and warm tones along with calm blue shades. I love how all the room are different but still compliment each other. Via Alvheim.

2 // Cozy home with blue accents as a running theme. Look how clever the blue cabinets and details in the kitchen carries through to the bedroom in this beautiful Scandinavian apartment for a soothing aura. Via Alvhem.

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3 // Small Scandinavian space with earthy tones. The green, brown and dusky orange shades as well as the natural wood in this home makes it feel homely and comfortable. Via Entrance.

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4 // Charming Danish cottage with soft pastel walls in the kitchen. I have a soft-spot for wall wood panelling like this, it makes me dream back to Scandinavia and gives off that summer country style home. Via My Scandinavian Home.

5 // Inviting and bright Swedish studio apartment with personal details and contrast of textures that makes it feel like home. The large, fluffy rug in the livingroom helps to add to the cozy factor. Via Alvheim.

6 // Charming historic home full of character and retro furnitures. Look at this bold wallpaper and green colours, it is a great way to make a home cozy and individual – it doesn’t all have to be minimal and neutral right? Via Historiska Hem.

7 // Homely apartment in Sweden. This old home is full of character and charm, and I love the colour scheme chosen throughout the space along with the vintage furniture, details and wall art. Via Stadshem.

8 // Cozy Swedish home full of character and beauty. With a livingroom painted in a warm beige and a bedroom that perfectly contrast it with a cooler shade of grey, this truly is an inspirational and inviting home. Via Coco Lapine Design.

9 // Bold home with daring colour choices that just works. I don’t know about you, but I really like seeing more colourful Scandinavian rooms on the interior scene, and this home shows how a pop of colour can create a cozy, quirky and fun feeling. Via Historiska Hem.

10 // Soft and calming interior that oozes hygge. At the same time as I am loving colour, I have to admit that a neutral, minimal home like this also shows off the perfect cozy touch many of us crave. Just imagine entering his home and instantly finding your calm. Via Alvhem.

11 // Charming home with a cozy bedroom in the loft. What drew me to this home straight away was the attic, I always find a slanted ceiling like this creates a hygge feeling in the bedroom and love how this is enhanced with the unmade bed with linen sheets in warm hues. Another feature I like is the light wood kitchen, it makes this Swedish home feel more inviting and in touch with nature. Via Stadshem.

12 // Cozy Swedish home with greenery. Again we see wallpaper, and I have to say I am here for it! It helps to add character, charm and a vintage feeling to the home don’t you think? Another detail I love in this particular home is the climbing green plant on the window sill in the kitchen. Via Lundin.

13 // Beautiful and quirky house with a fireplace. This home is small but with a high ceiling and a well planned out design, it looks bigger and more spacious than it is. Full of little decorative details and with a muted colour scheme, this is a cozy space perfect for a family. Via My Scandinavian Home.

14 // Bright and charming home perfect for relaxing. The kitchen is big and open with turn of the century cabinets and modern details. I love the light wood floor and the cozy bench along with the wall paneling in the little dining nook. Via Alvhem.

15 // Swedish country home with the cutest kids room. This home is light and full of natural light, and the dark, warm colour on the wall in the main bedroom makes it feel extra cozy. Via My Scandinavian Home.

16 // Homely space decorated in a cozy way. The kitchen has an interesting and bold wallpaper making it a hyggelig area to hang out don’t you think? In contrast, the bedroom is a calm and tranquil space perfect for relaxing. Via Stadshem.

17 // Cozy home with a dark green kitchen with a large dining area made for family gatherings. The shelving system with a desk space in the living-room is a great utilisation of the space. Via Kvarteret Makleri.

18 // Lovely home with neutral tones and and a sense of calm. As much as I think colourful interiors are very cozy, there is something so soothing and harmonic about a beige colour scheme which is beautifully illustrated here. Via Alvhem.

19 // Light and homely space. The additions of natural wood and creates a warm atmosphere. I especially love the use of the wide window sill in the kitchen to create a cozy area to sit. Via Historiska Hem.

20 // Small and charming attic studio home. This home shows how to maximise the area when you live in a rooftop with slanted ceilings – which can be quite the challenge to achieve. But it does make for a cozy space don’t you think? Via Coco Lapin Studio.

Which one is your favorite?

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