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lavender calm home scandinavian feeling kitchen

Happy new week and the official first day of autumn! As I mentioned in my article how to create a hygge home, scents are very important to achieve a peaceful, serene and inviting space that you will enjoy and feel calm in.

A go-to scent for relaxation for many is for instance lavender, which can help calm the mind and body almost instantly. The smell of lavender has many other benefits; it may help you improve your sleep, can reduce blood pressure and heart rate while making you feel less stressed. Oh and they do also look beautiful in a vase so that is a bonus.

The flowers of the lavender plant have a soothing fragrance when they are fresh or dry, which makes them great as they will last long in your home. I decided to pick up a bouquet to bring a bit of calm to my home. What do you think?

lavender calm home scandinavian feeling kitchen lamp

lavender calm home scandinavian feeling vase

In addition to the large vase in my kitchen, I also put a few lavenders in the living room so now my house smells oh so good

lavender calm home scandinavian feeling livingroom

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// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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