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that scandinavian feeling modern dane bedroom main

After a summer that seemed to go on forever, I am so happy to now have cooler temperatures and finally get my duvet out from storage. Time to get cozy!

There is nothing better than jumping into bed with a soft comfy duvet and fresh bed linen, so when the Modern Dane contacted me and wanted me to test out one of their duvet covers I was very happy. After receiving it (in gorgeous packaging might I add) and feeling for myself just how soft and comfy it is, I can safely say I love it. Made of pure European flax linen, the great thing is that it becomes ever softer with washing and age. In addition, these hand-sewn duvet covers are highly absorbent and thermo-regulating to help us stay comfortable all night.

The beautiful Porse organic linen duvet cover set goes perfect with the colour on the wall behind my bed as you can see, and I love the fact that my bedroom now feels more complete. To get a good nights sleep, it is in my eyes important to create a hyggelig and calm environment in the bedroom, and these soft blue and green tones does the trick for me. By adding the bed linen with its plant print along with details of light wood, a mountain wall print and an Icelandic moss scented candle, my bedroom has now become a calm and tranquil haven with touches of nature that helps me dream about Scandinavia.

that scandinavian feeling modern dane bedroom cozy

that scandinavian feeling modern dane bedroom hygge

that scandinavian feeling modern dane bedroom bed

that scandinavian feeling modern dane bedroom pillow

that scandinavian feeling modern dane bedroom door

Invest in rest

With all of their designs, the Modern Dane pays homage to the Nordic landscape, evoking sun-drenched Nordic summers and lush, verdant forests. Currently with 5 different bed linens available, which all helps you bring a touch of the outdoors inside, I thought I would present all of them to you below. All of these are available to purchase through their webshop.

The design I chose for my own bedroom was inspired by porse – the Danish name for Myrica Gale which is a plant with storied Scandinavian roots. It was a key ingredient of a drink the Vikings would consume before entering battle where it was believed to make them fearless and go berserk. Danes are still very fond of the spicy, slightly bitter taste of porse and use it to flavour their beloved schnapps drinks. It makes those long winter months when they warm our souls with a skål (toast) and keep the darkness at bay with soldiering candles float right by.

porse design modern dane sheets

Blålig, another great design, is based on the colour of a Nordic summer dusk. With long winters, Scandinavians linger outside in summer with food, drink and loved ones. As the day turns to night, Blålig takes you there with its soothing tones. I think this one would be great in a minimal and white environment but also in a dark and cozy space adding that little touch of summer.

blaalig design modern dane sheets

Agern is a tribute to the majestic oak trees you see as you wander the forests of Denmark. Agern images drape this duvet as lightly as these gorgeous giants cascade over the Nordic forests to create a serene autumnal mood. Perfect fo this time of year!

agern design modern dane sheets

A more bold choice, the Kørvel design celebrates the humble splendor of a roadside bespeckled with white chervil flowers and heralding the coming of summer. Inspired by the white flowers of Vild kørvel (wild chervil) you can find adorning the roadsides and meadows as you travel through Denmark in late spring, this bedlinen will make you feel like you are waking up amongst flowers every morning.

koervel design modern dane sheets

Lastly, Løvfald with its autumnal foliage celebrates the turn toward colder nights and cozy mornings. Løvfald is the Danish word for fall leaves ornamenting the cooling ground with their moss, umber, ruby and tangerine hues.

loevfald design modern dane sheets

About the brand: the Modern Dane produces bed linens in accordance with the tradition and values of their Danish heritage, resulting in products designed to enrich everyday living using only the highest quality raw materials and enforce sustainability in every step of the process. As a company rooted in Scandinavian design, they strive for elegance and harmony through minimalist design that allows the beauty and quality of the material shine through and brings a touch of the outdoors into our homes.

“Growing up in Denmark, I always had a profound appreciation for great design and its ability to enrich our lives. I want to create things that bring joy into our customers’ homes – things that will last a life-time or even be passed down to the next generation. I want to create products that embodied my own values of durability and sustainability. My goal is for your Modern Dane product to outlast the next ten you would have bought and then to be gracefully recycled,” says Jacob Andsager, founder of The Modern Dane.

that scandinavian feeling modern dane bedroom coffee

Now, time to get comfy in bed and practice hygge – the perfect way to spend Sundays don’t you think?

*This blogpost is sponsored by the Modern Dane, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad (except close-ups of designs by the Modern Dane)


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    1. Hi Dee! Thank you so much – and sorry I missed this comment. The colour on the wall is so soothing right? It is based on Farrow & Ball ‘oval room blue no. 85’ but our builders made their own mix from the colour codes. Hope that helps :)

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