charming home sweden kitchen details

This charming home in Sweden spotted on Bjurfors looks so inviting and homely. I love the light and airy feeling it gives along with the natural, darker tones used throughout the house. It has the perfect mix of selected retro pieces and new design items which adds to the cozy vibe.

charming home sweden kitchen

charming home sweden kitchen closeup

The idea of having a little gallery wall of old family photos in the hallway is great, it gives an added sentimental value to the home and ties nicely in with the vintage style.

charming home sweden hallway

charming home sweden livingroom

charming home sweden livingroom shelf

charming home sweden livingroom details

charming home sweden bedroom kids room

The kid’s room is adorable and fits perfectly in with the rest of the space with its subtle colours.

charming home sweden bedroom kids

charming home sweden bedroom

charming home sweden bedroom details

charming home sweden bedroom cozy

And the bed in the main bedroom looks so cozy, wouldn’t you want to have a snooze there?

// Photo credit: Bjurfors

Ingrid Opstad

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March 28, 2018


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