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Time to visit a colour office space in London to see the colourful interior trend of 2021 done right.

In Douglas House, a six-floor office building on Great Titchfield Street, Swedish Note Design Studio showcases how to perfectly mix neutral shades with bright colours to create contrast and a workplace where people can feel stimulated by their environment and be truly productive.

The connection between our environments, our emotions and our productivity has become increasingly clear in recent years, and the awareness of this relationship has informed the design concept for the project. In Douglas House, we aimed to create somewhere that surprises you from the moment of entry, as well as engaging the brain with touches of the unpredictable, administering what we would like to call a ‘gentle punch’ to all who step in off the street. – Note Design Studio

The office space has 700 desks spread over six floors and 47,000 sq ft, and the Scandinavian design studio re-conceive the layout so that it flows on a horizontal axis to make the space work to its best potential while also give it a strong interior identity.

The most striking feature of the design is a curvilinear wall of glass blocks that runs along the whole ground floor. This was based on the idea of a hand-drawn line, and the wall beautifully creates a sense of light, transparency and openness throughout the space. This wall also helps mark a change in the colour palette, with warm woody neutral sand desert shades defining the communal spaces and break-out areas while cooler, softer blues are used in the meeting rooms and working areas where concentration and focus are required. 

The building includes a number of innovative additions,⁠⁠
including a ‘recharge room’ for breakout moments during the working day, a plant-filled ‘oxygen room’ on the top floor in which to recharge and reconnect with nature, a flexible workspace with a café, and a dedicated room for nursing mothers.

As you can see in these images, the palette ranges from deep ochres to brisk light blues, chalk tones, popping reds and vivid blues – which helps to create a welcoming feel and a sense of calm while still keeping you alert and ready to tackle any work assignment coming your way. Beautiful right?

Spotted: the gorgeous Kink vase from Muuto in light blue – a playful, tubular vase with a sculptural look that will liven up any modern interior, both as a stand-alone art piece and as a versatile vase.

Spotted: the Apollo 79 pendant lamp from Pholc – a fascinating combination of dynamic and static qualities which due to its slender yet striking shape, looks great on its own or hung in a cluster or a row for example above a dining table.

Spotted: the Curve chair with armrest from Stattmann customised in a light-blue for this space –

// Photo credit: Note Design Studio


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  1. You can have so much fun with colour and these examples really express that. I love the blue chairs in the otherwise very neutral space! So much fun! x

  2. It’s taken quite a while, but the Apollo 79 pendant lamp has grown on me. I definitely wasn’t a fan the first time I saw it, but I am a fan now : )

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