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Kolla that scandinavian feeling summer

Exciting news! I have teamed up with Kolla to create a competition I think you will enjoy.

Throughout the whole month of June all the images shared with the #thatscandinavianfeeling hashtag over on Instagram will be entered into the competition, and at the end of the month the winning photo will be sold on their website for a limited time. The winner will also receive their image as a print, and 100% of the sales will be donated to a charity of the winners choice. How great is that?

Good luck to you all, I can’t wait to see how you find that Scandinavian feeling this summer.

If you are new to the hashtag and my blog, here is a little summary to get you started:
To me it is a lot of things but at the same time hard to explain, and I guess that’s why it is so fascinating and deep in my heart. I have now lived away from Scandinavia for over 8 years, but for some reason, the feeling is stronger than ever. It is not about location or origin but simply a mix of coziness & calm. It is a warm atmosphere that invites you in and makes you feel welcome but at the same time a cool freshness that hits you like a winter breeze. It is wrapping yourself up in a nice comfy blanket with a hot drink and a cinnamon bun. It is simplicity and minimalism, focusing on the little things in life. It is wooden houses, reindeers, knitted jumpers, fjords & mountains..

Whether you are from Scandinavia or just have a Nordic state of mind, I’d love to see what you think. So, what is that Scandinavian feeling to you and where do you go to discover it? Head over to the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed on Instagram and have a browse to see all the entries we have had so far for inspiration.

that scandinavian feeling hashtag

Kolla is a new Swedish webshop curating beautiful photography and creating high-quality products for modern interiors. Established in 2018 and based in Stockholm, they sell beautiful photography art prints all over Europe. Kolla was born with the idea to bring the world to people’s homes through images of exceptional quality, from the unique perspectives of brilliant professional photographers. They are determined to give customers access to high-end value at everyday prices. Fun fact: the word Kolla actually means “to look” in Swedish!

If you want to make a purchase throughout June, they have kindly created a discount code. Use THATSCANDIFEELING to get 20% off any purchase from the Kolla site. They currently ship everywhere within Europe.

Below you can see a few of the many beautiful prints available, click through here to see more.

Kolla that scandinavian feeling cozy

Kolla that scandinavian feeling summertime

Kolla that scandinavian feeling bedroom

Kolla that scandinavian feeling interior

Disclaimer: the competition ends on 01.07.18 and the winner will be announced the following day on my Instagram account. Competition is open worldwide. The winning entry will be selected by Kolla & Ingrid Opstad who will view all the images uploaded in June with the hashtag #thatscandinavianfeeling and select a winner based on the best fit with Kolla’s aesthetics and the theme. *If the winning photo is not high enough resolution, then potentially it cannot be printed in the largest size offered.

// Photo credit: Kolla

Ingrid Opstad

That Scandinavian feeling is a blog by Ingrid Opstad, a Norwegian journalist living in Italy. Ingrid wants her blog to represent the feeling of coziness and calm with a Nordic simplistic, minimalistic style. The blog is intended to share her knowledge and love for Scandinavia; touching upon everything from interiors, design, lifestyle, travel to hygge. A place where you can get inspired to find that Scandinavian feeling yourself, no matter where in the world you are.



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    June 18, 2018

    This competition seems quite exciting! Can we participate with various pictures or is the entry limited to one picture per person?

    • Reply

      Ingrid Opstad

      June 18, 2018

      Hi Catarina! Yes, you can participate with as many images as you want. As long as they are posted in June with the hashtag they will be entered into the competition. Good luck!