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It’s time to get inspired by these cozy Scandinavian kids rooms to discover ways of decorating a fun yet calm space for your little ones to enjoy. Click on the link above each home to see more of the full interior.

1 // This Swedish home has kept much of its original charm, which can also be seen in the kids room. The deep blue wall colour, crisp white furnitures, and light blue accents make it look stylish, and sticking to a minimal palette like this makes the space feel serene. And how adorable is the dog print on the wall as well as the little balloon decor hanging next to it? Via Alvhem.

2 // Talking about balloons, this cute room also has them as wall decor. The big, round rug makes the space cozy and is the perfect spot for a little one to sit and play. In a simple room like this, it’s all about the details, and the adorable rabbit lamp adds a whimsical feel to it. Another lovely detail is the mini version of the child’s crib. Via Alvhem.

3 // The mix of pale pink along with the burnt orange tones in this room adds to the playfulness and charm of it. The artwork, lion pillow and rug are all easy ways to give it character, which can easily be changed as the child ages. I love the idea of a little cozy reading nook by the window. Via 91Magazine.

4 // This home shows us to not be afraid to go a little crazy when it comes to wallpaper because as long as the rest of the space is tidy it won’t feel too hectic. By choosing a two-toned wallpaper like here and furniture which goes in the same colour spectrum you create a harmonic and cheerful look. As you can see the wardrobe ties back to the background colour of the wallpaper, and the adorable wooden play kitchen gives nods to the green leaves. And who doesn’t love a bit of bunting and a cute hanging mobile in a kid’s room? Via Stadshem.

5 // What about a more vintage look? This Swedish home gives off all the cozy vibes, and the children’s room is no exception. Everything from retro furniture to decor is on point, making it feel homely and warm. And the subtle use of wallpaper on one wall is a beautiful way to add more character. Via Historiska Hem.

6 // Yellow is such a happy and vibrant colour, and also very trendy this year in terms of interior. A pale yellow tone on the walls like here will make the bedroom an inviting place for your young one to hang out in. A great idea is to add a little cozy nook as seen in this bedroom by using a simple handmade rim for a canopy effect with a furry rug and pillows. Via Midnatthome.

7 // A sweet blend of pastel shades and white, this room is harmonic and tranquil – the perfect place for a little one to relax. Soft tones and natural wood elements tie it all together, and the round ABC rug is a beautiful detail. Via Alvhem.

8 // This next room is another example of a cozy yellow space. The vintage pieces of furniture and decor give it a homely and inviting feel, and the massive beanbag is a great way to add coziness. Via the Nordroom.

10 // With blue floors and soft cream walls, this kid’s bedroom is very adorable. Add a cool custom-built bunkbed and you have a dreamy and cozy space any child would love to hang out in. The wooden monkey hanging from the ceiling lamp is a quirky little detail. Via the Nordroom.

11 // Another charming room with a rustic feel. The mix of soft materials, vintage furniture and whimsical wallpaper gives it a hygge style. The drapes on the built-in bed are a lovely touch creating a cozy sleeping area. I love the plush polar bear head wall mount, a fun and adorable addition. Via Alexander White.

12 // When it comes to a child’s room, it is the place to go a bit all out with patterns and colours – even if the rest of the home is quite neutral and minimal. I like the use of colour on some walls along with the playful wallpaper in this space. I am also a big fan of the Trofast from Ikea for storage space, so smart and easy for the kid to use. Via Historiska Hem.

12 // Green is a great choice if you are after a calming and relaxing colour for a kid’s bedroom. Just look here in this space which gives off a harmonic vibe with its mint green walls and dark green curtains. Via Bjurfors.

13 // White walls can of course also be the base of a cozy bedroom if you prefer. By adding fun wall art as well as a big hanging mobile in the ceiling, this Danish home illustrates how a minimal base still can feel homely. Take note of the fun shelf with dinosaurs, animals and books to add character. Via Alt.

14 // If you are keeping the room simple, how about doing something fun with the ceiling like here in this room with a yellow and white circus-style ceiling? Such an effective and uplifting way to add character to a kid’s bedroom. Via Bolig Plus.

15 // This kid’s bedroom in Stockholm is bright with lots of adorable details. The cozy factor is added with a soft little nook on the floor full of pillows – the perfect spot to sit and read books together. Via Paul & Paula.


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