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Want to customise your Ikea furniture? Superfront wants to give more people the opportunity to surround themselves with excellent design – because why does attractive, one-of-a-kind furniture have to cost so much? If you are like me, you might have quite a few Ikea furniture in your home because they are affordable and great. But sometimes they can be a bit limited with the style; and this is where Superfront comes in to help with their beautiful doors, sides, handles, legs and more!

With the idea to reuse and recycle, their aim is to create furniture that lives on and ages with dignity. Their products are a beautiful blend of simplicity, geometry, timeless design and harmonious colours capturing that Scandinavian feeling in a unique way. And by creating design with a long life cycle, these products will save you money and save Mother Nature her resources. The fact that you can reuse the Ikea base cabinets you already have at home when creating your Superfront furniture is an example of doing just this. The less material you need to customise your home, the better for the environment and your wallet.

Earlier this year, Superfront launched their acclaimed Wood Collection. Now, the Swedish company continues to inspire with a new series of Japandi style pictures. The pictures show how well the muted shades and the minimalist design of the Wood Collection blend into this beautiful and timeless interior style.

Let’s have a look at how you can customise your Ikea furniture with Superfront:

Things to keep in mind when creating a Japandi-inspired interior is: calming neutrals, natural materials, clean lines and to let some space into your home.

“We just love the warm sense of nature that the Japandi style creates, but also the perfect imperfectness that is part of this style. Like bringing in a piece of stone or a dried pea pod into the styling – or whatever beautiful nature has created – and then mix this with the new Wood Collection. It simply blends so well together”, says Mick Born – one of Superfront’s two founders.

The new collection is available in six different shades, in a Plain design as well as a fluted one called Vertical. The Wood Collection can be applied to Ikea’s most common cabinet frames Metod, Pax and Bestå, which means you can create furniture for your entire home: kitchens, chests of drawers, wardrobes, hallway furniture, sideboards and bathroom furniture. On their website, they also sell legs, handles, sinks and mixer taps which can be added to any piece of furniture for a more custom look.

“We hope that our design will make you as inspired as we are to create beautiful, personal and affordable furniture! With our rich palette of colours, patterns and shapes, you have nearly endless design possibilities. Chances are that you will be able to create a piece of furniture that is entirely your own and unlike any other!” says Monica & Mick Born, founders of Superfront.

// Photo credit: Superfront


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