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I have been wanting to start a little DIY series here on the blog for a while now where I share some easy & affordable ways of making things for your home. I am by all means no DIY expert so it will be a case of learning while doing, and maybe we can help each other along the way if you also want to join in.

First up I got inspired by an image I saw in the IKEA catalogue which showed a custom storage solution. It is an easy & cool way to make storage that can adapt to any space, and also something you can change depending on your mood. So this Sunday I went to IKEA where I purchased a couple of items to create my own version;

???? 3 x KNAGGLIG BOX 46x31x25


The first thing I started with was to actually build the boxes, as they come in flat-pack true IKEA style. This wasn’t a difficult task but it did take a while to get all the screws in. The boxes are in solid wood, a durable natural material which is even more hardwearing and easy to look after if you oil or wax the surface. I have not treated them in any way yet as I like the rough style, but might do or even paint some in white or a colour later. They are are very sturdy when build, and easy to stack.

As I got 3 boxes I stacked them up together with one flat, one up right and the other as the main feature on the top. My idea was that the one on the top would be the one with the hanging light in it, and it fitted perfectly to hang the cord from and tie around the handle of the box.

FYI; the cord does not come with a plug attached to the end, so be sure that you know someone that can attach this for you unless you know it yourself. I was lucky to get help from my boyfriend who is quite handy.

INGRIDESIGN_DIY_knagglig storage with light detail

INGRIDESIGN_DIY_knagglig storage with hanging a light

The light bulb itself has a copper detail on the handle which I really like, it goes very well together with the light wood texture and the black & white pattern on the cord. Inside and on the storage I have put different items such as books, Kähler vases & a deer head.

INGRIDESIGN_DIY_knagglig storage with light closeup

Here is an image when the lightbulb is on so you can see. It gives quite a warm and yellow light which is nice in a white modern living-room, bedroom or hallway. But I even like it when it is not on during the day as you can still see the details inside the bulb.

INGRIDESIGN_DIY_knagglig storage with light on

This was quite an easy little project to get into the DIY spirit. My plan is to get more of the boxes, also in the smaller size, and build on this idea. I really like the way the MUUTO Stacked shelf works with the little clips holding all the boxes together, so this is something that might even work in this case.



So stay tuned for updates on this!

// Photo credit: 1 IKEA / 2, 3, 4 & 5 Ingrid Opstad / 6 & 7 Muuto


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