In my new home tour series I am sharing a selection of different Nordic style homes in different cities and countries to show you how people get that Scandinavian feeling and look no matter where they are in the world. Last month we had a trip to Canada (see the post here), and this time we travel to Italy where Camilla from La Tazzina Blu is welcoming us into her hygge home.

Camilla is a popular Italian blogger that focuses on Nordic style and shares a lot of beautiful moments from her own cute little home. She has been running her blog La Tazzina Blu since 2011, a place where she shares all about her personal interior inspirations and the latest trends in the design world to her readers. Three years ago she also started working as an interior stylist for different brands with the aim that one day this will become her full-time job. Camilla considers the home her natural habitat and love to surround herself with beauty while following her own personal style, and I hope it will inspire you too.

Q1 // How would you describe your home and your interior style?

My home reflects who I am 100%: my style is both relaxed and fresh. I would love to be more minimalistic but I just can’t resist collecting objects, vases, cushions and other home-stuff… I think I have managed to create a cozy and hyggelig heaven with a mix of low-budget pieces of furniture and a few Ikea-hacks as well.

Q2 // What inspires you when it comes to interior and your home?

I love mixing old and new elements, playing with different styles, and expressing myself in many different ways in my home. I think that the combination of simplicity, honest materials, minimal shapes, neutral and soft colours always win.

Q3 // What is your favourite room / area of your home and why?

The living room is my ‘safe-place’: this is the room from where I work, relax, host friends and (overall) where the WI-FI is very strong!

Q4 // What piece of furniture or decor is most precious to you and why?

I think that the dining table is the most important piece of furniture in my apartment. It was once a ‘work table’ that my uncle and my dad had in their atelier. I love the idea that one day this table will be handed down to my children and all the future generations in my family.

Q5 // If you could start renovating or re-decorating your home today, what would you do differently?

Probably the hallway. I would like to re-organize it all, maybe with more added storage. I need to make the most of that space because living in 60 square meters – when you love shoes and clothes – is not always easy.

Q6 // What is your favourite current interior trend?

I am deeply in love with the dried-flowers trend at the moment. I love to see a nice composition with pampas grass, protea, hydrangea… Another thing that I am so into right now is this new ‘raw-ceramic’ trend: handmade and imperfect jars with earthy tones are my favourites.

Q7 // Why do you think the Scandinavian interior style is so popular?

I think that the whole world is fascinated by Scandinavian interior style because it conveys a sense of calm and harmony. Everyone feels welcomed and relaxed in that kind of atmosphere, and there is nothing better in my mind.

Q8 // What are some of your favourite Scandinavian interior and decor brands?

Bolia, Stilleben, Fritz Hansen, Muuto, Ferm Living, Normann Copenhagen, Oyoy, Iris Hantverk, Fine Little Day… And obviously Ikea!

Q09 // What is your best decorating tips for anyone wanting to create a Scandinavian style in their home?

Always choose natural materials, play with different textures and create a relaxing spot in every room.

Q10 // How do you like to relax, how do you hygge?

When I want to hygge at home I switch on my essential oil diffuser and play my favourite meditation playlist on Spotify.

Q11 // How do you find that Scandinavian feeling in your daily life?

I find that Scandinavian feeling in the simplest things: when buying flowers at the local market, lighting some candles at home when it becomes dark outside, laughing with my boyfriend on our (Scandinavian) sofa… and cooking dinner.

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// Photo credit: La Tazzina Blu

Ingrid Opstad

That Scandinavian feeling is a blog by Ingrid Opstad, a Norwegian journalist living in Italy. Ingrid wants her blog to represent the feeling of coziness and calm with a Nordic simplistic, minimalistic style. The blog is intended to share her knowledge and love for Scandinavia; touching upon everything from interiors, design, lifestyle, travel to hygge. A place where you can get inspired to find that Scandinavian feeling yourself, no matter where in the world you are.