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Mylifeinmulticolor 1 bedroom retro

In my home tour series I am sharing a selection of different Nordic style homes around the world to show you how people get that Scandinavian feeling and look no matter where they are. Last time we went to a stunning home in Norway by the fjord (see the post here), and this time we head to Sweden to discover the home of Cissi Åhlén from My Life In Multicolor!

I discovered this colourful and vibrant home on Instagram and was very intrigued to learn more about the creative person behind it. So many people think that Scandinavian homes are all about simplicity and white, so I am happy to present something completely different to you. Cissi is 43 years old and live in Stockholm with her boyfriend Kristofer, their 4 year old son Cyril and Zapp the parrotlet. She works in the music industry, as a senior catalog manager for a company called Epidemic Sound. Keep reading to discover her beautiful mid century house with a retro, eclectic and colourful vibe.

Q1 // How would you describe your home and your interior style?

Our house was built in 1957 and has some beautiful characteristics from that time period, like the iron banister, fireplace and wooden parquet floors. We’ve been keen on keeping as much as possible of the original features when renovating. My style is an eclectic mix of retro and contemporary, with lots of colour and playfulness. One of my biggest hobbies is running around at flea markets, so we have a lot of thrifted goods at home.

Q2 // What inspires you when it comes to interior and your home?

I love pairing old with new, combining different patterns and colours and work with what I already have at home. I get my inspiration from just walking around town, and also from traveling to new places.

Mylifeinmulticolor 3 living retro

Mylifeinmulticolor 2 kitchen retro

Q3 // What is your favourite room / area of your home and why?

I love our kitchen because we spent a lot of time designing it and are very pleased with the outcome. We also do a lot of cooking for the family!

Q4 // What piece of furniture or decor is most precious to you and why?

A bed throw that was hand crocheted by my grandmother.

Q5 // If you could start renovating or re-decorating your home today, what would you do differently?

I’d choose different materials for our floors and kitchen countertops. They’re beautiful but apparently very hard to maintain stain-free…

Q6 // What is your favourite current interior trend?

Sustainable living, and also the fact that anything goes these days when it comes to style, which I hope makes people less apprehensive when decorating their homes.

Q7 // Why do you think the Scandinavian interior style is so popular?

Because it is pure but also interesting when it comes to design and materials.

Mylifeinmulticolor 4 kids room retro

Mylifeinmulticolor 5 details retro

Q8 // What are some of your favourite Scandinavian interior and decor brands?

Superliving, Oyoy, Hay, Verner Panton and Hans-Agne Jakobsson.

Q9 // What is your best decorating tips for anyone wanting to create a Scandinavian style in their home?

Try to keep things as pure as possible but don’t forget to add eye-catching details. Use a calm base and make the accent colours pop!

Mylifeinmulticolor 6 fireplace cozy retro

Q10 // How do you like to relax, how do you hygge?

I’m addicted to warm and cosy plaids and love to wind down in front of a good tv-show all wrapped up while sipping on a warm cup of tea.

Q11 // How do you find that Scandinavian feeling in your daily life?

As I live in Sweden it’s quite easy, I just walk outside into our beautiful pine-tree garden!

Want to see more of this Swedish home and get inspired?
Visit the Instagram account: @mylifeinmulticolor

Mylifeinmulticolor 7 home retro

Mylifeinmulticolor 8 livingroom retro

Mylifeinmulticolor 9 hallway retro

Mylifeinmulticolor 10 details retro

Mylifeinmulticolor 11 kids room retro

Mylifeinmulticolor 12 bedroom retro

Mylifeinmulticolor 13 details retro

// Photo credit: My Life In Multicolor


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