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Have you been following my new home tour series? I am sharing a selection of different Nordic style homes in different cities and countries to show you how people get that Scandinavian feeling and look no matter where they are in the world. Last month we went to Italy (see the post here), and this time I am excited to head to Finland and visit Northern Harmonies.

Eeva-Kaisa and Markus, the married couple behind Northern Harmonies, is two aesthetes enjoying life, baking, coffee and good food. At the moment they live in Kokkola, Finland where they both work as primary school teachers. They live in a rental apartment while dreaming about – and also saving money for – their dream home. I have been following the couple for a while now on Instagram and love their eye for details and the beautiful, slow moments they share with their followers. Now, time to learn a bit more about them and how they find that Scandinavian feeling.

Q1 // How would you describe your home and your interior style?

We have a small home but just enough space for the two of us. We love neutral, Scandinavian style. We have a lot of neutral tones in our home and we find it important to use mainly organic and sustanable materials when we decorate the home. There are almost always fresh flowers in our home. They bring us a lot of joy.

Q2 // What inspires you when it comes to interior and your home?

We get inspiration to our home from many places. We use Instagram daily and all the beautiful pictures there give us inspiration. We really enjoy old houses and apartment and we wish we will one day have a renovated old house or apartment. Nature inspires us a lot as well and we want our home to be natural and not too arranged if you can say so.

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northernharmonies 3 bedroom bed

Q3 // What is your favourite room / area of your home and why?

We probably like our bedroom the most because it’s the most finished one. We live in a rental apartment so there are many little things here and there that are not our taste. Our bedroom is a nice room as a whole.

Q4 // What piece of furniture or decor is most precious to you and why?

Probably our new cabinet which we got renovated in a nearby workshop. It is an old cabinet that used to be in an old school decades ago. It is beautiful and perfect for two teachers!

northernharmonies 4 interior cabinet

Q5 // If you could start renovating or re-decorating your home today, what would you do differently?

We would definately change the floor and the colour of the walls first. We don’t really like the grey floor and white walls even though they are not the worst! It’s not perfect though. Second up would probably be the kitchen.

Q6 // What is your favourite current interior trend?

We love how the interior trends are so conscious and it’s popular to make eco-friendly decission at home. We think that natural materials are beautiful and have more characther. We are also not keen to the all-white or black & white decorating. We love it when one is able to use colours in decoration but at the same time the whole is harmonious.

Q7 // Why do you think the Scandinavian interior style is so popular?

Maybe because it is so simple yet cozy. It is also easy to update because in scandinavian interior style the background is neutral and harmonious. You can always add some character and make little changes with cushions and other textiles for example.

northernharmonies 5 livingroom neutral

northernharmonies 6 livingroom decor

Q8 // What are some of your favourite Scandinavian interior and decor brands?

There are so many! Anno Collection, Marimekko, Iittala and Broste Copenhagen to name a few.

Q9 // What is your best decorating tips for anyone wanting to create a Scandinavian style in their home?

Simplicity, neutral colours and materials of good quality.

Q10 // How do you like to relax, how do you hygge?

Lit the candle and make some tea. Then go to the sofa and put a warm blanket around you. Maybe have a homebaked good with the tea.

northernharmonies 7 hygge candle

northernharmonies 7 hygge cozy bed

Q11 // How do you find that Scandinavian feeling in your daily life?

We always love to take it easy after we come home from work. We eat and have a cup of coffee. Maybe you can call that hygge which is the essential of that scandinavian feeling. We also want to be true to ourselves and each other. To us that Scandinavian feeling is authentic and real and there is nothing fake about it.

Want to see more of this northern couple’s beautiful home and get inspired?
Visit their Instagram account: @northernharmonies

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// Photo credit: Northern Harmonies

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