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Nordic interior is often based on bringing the outdoors in, which means we love to create a cozy space to enjoy all year round – especially on those long, dark, winter days. This is why you see a lot of natural wood used in many Nordic homes, along with large windows to blur the lines between inside and outside.

This modern leisure home by interior architect Joanna Laajisto and photographer Mikko Ryhänen seen via Finnish Design Shop ‘Design Stories’ beautifully portrays this Scandinavian feeling of living in touch with nature.

Located approximately one-hour drive from Helsinki to Karjalohja in Southern Finland, this scenic area is a tranquil spot offering a contrast to the couples everyday life. The perfect place to unwind and relax away from the hectic city.

In the living area, two walls are almost entirely made up of windows to create a cabin-like home and offer what the couple describes as “views of the lake glimpsed through trees like a shifting painting”. The furnishing is mainly vintage finds helping to set the tone, and the fireplace creates a hygge feeling when it’s cold. The textural rug breaks up all the wood making the space cozy and warm. It also helps to separate the living space from the dining area next to it.

The kitchen is carrying the wood theme, and I love the large window behind the kitchen counter which offers another glimpse of the surrounding nature. It becomes a living backsplash and a great view while doing the dishes or cooking don’t you think?

The main bedroom is minimal and the large window doors open up to the terrace. The wood door is a great way to make this white space more interesting.

In true Finnish style, the bathroom offers a spa-like feeling with a darker mood. The sauna was inspired by the couples childhood memories with a large window to soak up the surrounding nature. And talking about the outdoors, the large terrace space overlooking the lake and trees is the perfect spot to sit and read a book with a glass of wine while listening to the calm sound of nature.

Read more and discover some of the furnitures and details in this home on Finnish Design Shop.


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  1. Is all of that glass well insulated (two or three layer) to keep out those long cold winter days? I come from a cold state in winter in the US where all of those high ceilings and glass walls would be a nightmare the heat.

  2. Wow! this house is really awesome the way you capture with the nature make it looks more fantastic then actual.

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