Last week I was lucky to be invited to the first edition of HOMI OUTDOOR Home&Dehors at the Fiera Milano. The fair is dedicated to show us inspiration for both the interiors of the home and the outdoors while making the boundaries between inside and outside less visible. Outdoor living is a very important part of the way of life in the Mediterranean, so what better place to learn more about how to fully utilise this space and bringing the comfort we usually find indoors also to the outdoors than right here in Italy.

Below I have rounded-up the top interior trends based on what I saw at the fair to consider for 2020:

Natural materials and craftsmanship

A major trend I noticed from the fair was the use of more natural materials such as wools, cotton, terracotta and bamboo – products that will age beautifully and can stand the test of time. Traditional craftsmanship and handmade designs that are unique and tells a story, as customers we want to get to know the people behind the products and how they are made. Sustainability is key and by choosing natural materials when decorating our homes, we show that we also care about nature and the future of our planet.

This was something Danish brand Lene Bjerre Design displayed beautifully in their section. I especially was drawn to their use of different materials, surfaces and textures along with a gorgeous palette of soft neutrals to bring tactility into their products. A key word from them was ‘imperfect’, and by that I mean that they have embraced the beauty of small imperfections with a lot of handmade items in organic shapes and interesting textures.

Create your own cozy outdoor area as seen here with a muted palette, bamboo and greenery. By mixing different textures in pillows and throws together with soft, calm colours and interesting surfaces in the decor, it truly invites us to enjoy the small things in life and making hyggelige moments together.

A great way to add nature inside is by heading outside to find natural materials. Decorate your table with leaves, branches, flowers and pine cones to connect your home with the outdoors. Combine it with unique, homemade table wear with a homemade and organic touch – fairy lights add that extra cozy feeling as seen by Fioririà un Giardino. The plates and bowls used here is actually made from bamboo, a natural and biodegradable alternative to the usual porcelain or plastic dishes.

Colourful and vibrant

We see a rise in more adventurous colour choices by incorporating bolder, richer and more vibrant tones. Be bold and do not be afraid to experiment with colours like luxurious plum, burnt orange, warm red, deep blue, rich green, mellow yellow and muted mint. (You can get more colour inspiration from my post about the Scandinavian interior colour trends of 2020.)

At the same time as we see more colours, we also see more darker, moody and mysterious shades in the interior. Use black or darker hues to create a calm maximalist hygge space perfect for the colder months. A great place to start is to paint a wall in a dark colour for instance as seen at MIHO Unexpected Things.

Pastel dream

When talking about colours, I also want to mention that muted pastel hues still are going strong with the shade “neo mint” – a shade of green – said to dominate the worlds of interiors and fashion in 2020. La Fabbrica del Verde perfectly portrayed a vintage styled camper van setting with all the pastel shades.

Quirky details and maximalism

Although minimalism in Scandinavian style characterised by neutral colours and simple lines always will be popular, we now see an increase in the use of maximalism in terms of colour and decor, something I noticed at a few stands during HOMI OUTDOOR. Decorating our living areas with items that have a personal and quirky look can transform the expression and create a more unique interior.

For this I was happy to discover the Danish brand Vanilla Fly who are experts in creating their own design universe with amazing and special products that stand out from the crowd of other interior brands. Their range of posters, textiles, jewellery, wall decorations, cards, candle holders and accessories have been carefully selected and designed with a focus on producing unique interior with an edge, and simultaneously something you do not see “everywhere”. I was especially drawn to their soft velvet pillows with funky motifs, these are great for mixing and matching in your home to add a dash of quirkiness and maximalism.

So instead of minimal, go for ‘more is more’ but plan it well. This idea can quickly become too much, but when executed right with the perfect amount of personal touches it can look great. It is about filling the space in your home without it looking too busy or forced.

Retro oasis

Nostalgic touches and modern desert vibes could be seen at the Marie Claire Maison Italia area designed by AR. O design studio. Created to make the boundaries between inside and outside less visible, it was a great spot to take a pause. The use of layered rugs, mats, roll pillows and cushions from GAN along with the large draped curtains in the ceiling made the space feel calm and tranquil with a pleasant atmosphere. A true urban oasis with a retro twist.

Go for a retro inspired warm colour palette of mustard yellow (a big key word), green, turquise and earthy tones, and think about using soft materials such as velvet, wood and leather as well as soft geometric patterns to complete the look. The cute, litte yellow velvet rabbit is from Qeeboo and adds that little extra to the space.

Thank you so much to HOMI OUTDOOR Home&Dehors and Fiera Milano for inviting me to be one of the official ambassadors for this event. It was great to discover new trends and connect with brands while getting the opportunity to share it with you on my social channels. If you didn’t catch my Instagram stories from the fair, you can still find a highlight of it here on my profile.

Still want to see more? Find a list of all the ambassadors here with links to their blogs where you can find out what they discovered.

*This blogpost is sponsored by HOMI OUTDOOR Home&Dehors, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad

Ingrid Opstad

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September 23, 2019