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thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 1

As one of the first events of the year here in Italy, HOMI MILANO is a great an opportunity to discover news and trends for the coming year. The fair takes place at the Fiera Milano and is dedicated to lifestyle and home decor. HOMI brings together a varied selection of Italian and international brands, everything from small independent ones to well-known names in the industry. If you are interested in interior, design and all things relating to the home, this is an unmissable event!

This year I was attending the fair as one of the official ambassadors, thank you so much to HOMI MILANO and Fiera Milano for inviting me. It was great to discover new products and trends while connecting with brands and getting the opportunity to share it with you on my social channels. If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen my stories last week, but if not you can still find them in the highlights section on my profile.

Below I have rounded-up the top interior trends I discovered at the fair:


With everything from bright colours, interesting shapes to products with a quirky and fun expression, I noticed a big trend of design objects which are not just functional and decorative but also convey a joyful feeling. In 2020, it is all about personality and character. Time to not take everything too seriously, and instead add a bit more fun to our homes. These little additions helps to add personality and humour to a space, which lightens the mood and puts a smile on peoples faces. I am all for creating a happy home, and looking forward to add little fun elements in my own one.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano product 2020 cups
^ Quirky and cute teacups, saucers, jug an teapot from British brand Yvonne Ellen.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano product 2020 vase
^ Details to fall in love with from Danish brand Miss Etoile.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 7 scaled
^ Bold colours and fun faces seen at Montemaggi.

Warm neutrals

This year, cooler shades will be replaced by warmer neutrals. The new warm neutrals is perfect for creating an inviting space to rest and regenerate through textiles and textures. Previous years we have seen lots of grey on grey in cool tones, but now I notice a demand for warmer palettes including brown, mustard yellow, red and earthy tones. If you want to learn about the Scandinavian colour trends of 2020, then there are lots of inspiration in this post. And if you – like me – have quite a few cold shades already in your home the trend can still be achieved by adding elements of warmer neutrals like pillows, blankets and ceramics.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano product 2020 cozy

^ Comfy resting fox pillow and warm wool neutrals from Portuguese brand Burel Factory.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 12
^ The warm neutral trend can easily be achieved by adding textiles and ceramics as seen at Dutch brand Light & Living.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 10
^ If you already have colder tones in your home, a warm neutral wall can also help give the place an inviting atmosphere. Here at Italian brand L’Oca Nera.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 2
^ Cozy, inviting bedroom with neutral shades, greenery and luxurious elements such as linen and faux fur at Fiorirà un Giardino.

Classic blue

As you could already see in my previous post earlier this year, 2020 is the year of classic blue – and it was something I also noticed at HOMI. This timeless and enduring dark blue hue is elegant in its simplicity and is already imprinted in our mind as a restful colour. Classic blue will help bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your home, so if you want a calm, chilled-out space to relax in this it the colour for you!

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano product 2020 ceramics
^ Blue collectibles from Royal Copenhagen that tells a tale of Danish cultural heritage.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 6
^ A hint of blue spotted at German brand Tranquillo.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 8
^ Classic blue and warm neutrals work very well together, as seen at Light & Living.

Mix patterns (no rules)

As much as we see more bold colours, we can also notice a rise in the use of patterns. Everything from abstract shapes, bold geometrics, to hand-drawn sketch like illustrations is seen on fabrics, ceramics, furnitures and walls.. Think about mixing and layering different patterns together to add contrasts, or simply make a statement with a bold and vibrant geometric pattern to stand out from the crowd.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano product 2020 rugs
^ The Swedish rugs from Pappelina are not only super functional, durable, easy to clean and hygienic, but great for adding patterns and colours to your home this season, wheter it is bold shades, warm neutrals or classic blue.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 4
^ Mix max black and white patterns seen at Italian brand Fade Spa.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 11
^ MIHO Unexpected Things showcasing a great selection of colourful patterns.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 9
^ Mixing patterns by Tranquillo

Natural with luxurious touch

Natural elements with a luxurious touch and a focus on craftsmanship will help you connect nature to the home in a chic way. Use materials, furniture, and accessories which has a hint of luxury to them such as gold, velvet, linen and marbles. Find the perfect blend of luxury and comfort by adding wood, greenery and natural elements while looking for handmade items with a ‘imperfect’ look. A great way to add a natural, luxurious touch is by mixing and matching old and new pieces to get a unique style. Sustainability is also a big key-word this year – by choosing natural materials we show that we care about nature and the future of our planet.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 3
^ Light & Living portrays a beautiful harmony of natural elements, luxurious touches and warm tones.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano product 2020 knives
^ The most beautiful knives designed by Swedish Bon Centuri and made in France.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano product 2020 chair
^ EcoFurn chair made of only wood and ropes inspired by the Finnish nature at My Mobilgarden.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano product 2020 ceramic
^ Minimal handmade ceramic vases made in Italy by Lineasette.

thatscandinavianfeeling homi milano trend 2020 ambassadors

Want to see more? You can find a list of all the ambassadors here with links to their blogs and social media channels where you can find out what they discovered.

*This blogpost is sponsored by HOMI MILANO, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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