Mylla Hytte is a small 84 square meter cabin located in a towering pine forest outside of Oslo in Norway. It was designed by Mork Ulnes Architects as a retreat for a geologist and his family and sits firmly on a hilltop formed by the forces of the beautiful rural landscape surrounding it. With offices in San Francisco and Oslo, Mork Ulnes Architects approaches projects with both Scandinavian practicality and California’s ‘can-do’ spirit of innovation.

And although this is a small home, the compact interior can actually house up to ten people across three dedicated bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Finished in plywood and unified with a continuous roof canopy, the idea behind it is to portray the traditional Norwegian ‘hytte’ (or a cabin as we say in English). The open floor plan and the great utilization of space along with its simple yet modern look make the Mylla Hytte a unique family home.

Custom plywood furniture, including bed frames, bunk beds, couch, dining table, benches, and shelves are found throughout the home. The wings of the house engage four distinct characters of the landscape: the great room looks onto Mylla Lake, the guest room looks towards the rolling hillside, the kids’ room looks up at the sky, and the bedroom has a private view of the towering forest beyond.

Two sheltered outdoor spaces are created to protect from the wind and snow. The exterior is cladded with untreated heart pine planks, which register the seasons as it greys and weathers with time.

What do you think of this cozy home?

by Bruce Damonte

Ingrid Opstad

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