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When we think Scandinavian interior, most think of a home with simple, minimal style and white or neutral shades. But what you might not know, is that the use of colours, mix of patterns and a more maximalist approach is also quite popular in Scandinavia.

Already a big trend, below you will find a few ways to incorporate the maximalist interior style in a Scandinavian home both in bold and more subtle ways to help you keep on trend:

^ Bold, retro colours
An easy way to add the maximalist Scandi style is by mixing bold colours. Think back to the 1970s and those gorgeous retro shades that are now coming back in fashion. What about this combination of blue and yellow created by Yaroslav Priadka?

^ “More is more”
This idea can quickly become too much, but when executed right with the perfect amount of personal touches it can look great. It is about filling the space in your home without it looking too busy or forced. This Nordic bohemian farmhouse from the Design Sponge blog has in my mind managed to do the “more is more” concept right without going over the top and still capturing the Scandi vibe.

Multiple frames
This dark and moody home seen on Apartment Therapy blog is a great example of using wall art in a Scandinavian home to turn it maximalist.

^ Patterns
Finnish design company Marimekko is known for their bold, graphic and colourful prints. Use different items and do not be afraid to mix and match different patterns together to create a unique and interesting look as seen in this beautiful bedroom.

^ Plants
Another way to create a more maximalist environment is by overloading your home with plants. The more, the better. Just look at this charming Swedish home full of greenery spotted on My Scandinavian Home blog.

^ Cluster of lamps
I love the cozy and inviting look of this bedroom. The dark walls mixed with the many gold details in the cluster of lamps and elsewhere creates a luxurious look. The rest of the apartment is also beautiful and full of character, so have a look at it all over on Coco Lapine Design blog.

^ Wall art
If you don’t want to go all out, creating a wall full of books, magazines, prints and items like this one spotted on Nordic Design blog can be a great solution. Keep the colours and items in a bit of a messy layout and experiment. This is also a great solution for people who want to change up their wall art regularly as it is easier to change than posters and images hung on the wall.

^ Floor tiles
By using mosaics, colours and motifs you can create a vivid atmosphere and décor in your home. The Danish company ARTTILES has a great selection of designs to make your home more maximalist style.

^ Mix furnitures
Add clean-lined furniture with old, retro style pieces like in this majestic Swedish home found on Bjurfors.

^ Wallpaper
A great way to add drama in your home is by using a bold wallpaper. This graphic wallpaper found in this historic Scandinavian home on Historiska Hem has just the perfect balance of Scandi maximalism don’t you think?

What do you think of the maximalist Scandi interior trend?


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  1. You’ve nailed them all. Yet, I think all of these ways you’re showing apply to almost any style. The difference is that Nordic interiors are much more minimal to begin with, so it’s like working with a “blank” canvas sort of speaking, they have a different starting point. xo

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