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my scandinavian home_wonderful

It’s been a month since my first little home update so I though it was time to share a bit more. There is still a lot to do, but we are slowly getting there! I always find its better to live somewhere for a while to see what you actually need and get the feel of the space before you do everything.

I am all for affordable solutions, and knew that I didn’t want to spend too much on the dining table. Because of this we decided to get the basic IKEA table Ingo made of solid pine. It comes untreated, so we decided to do it ourself as I wanted a whiter finish. The process was easy but a bit time consuming as we ended up doing three layers of paint and sanding in between. I was so pleased with the end result, it is still not a solid colour so you can see the wood play through which gives a really nice effect. We also added a top coat to so that it is smooth and easy to keep clean.

my scandinavian home_details_table

my scandinavian home_ikea_shelf

Another affordable and great purchase we did from IKEA was the white Sprutt cabinet. It is made of thin steel and comes with label holders on each drawer to easy organise everything. At the moment I have yellow blank labels in it, but I am thinking about something creative to do with them..

my scandinavian home_music corner

This is our little music corner where the Crosley record player is the centre of attention. Over the shelf we have the small Mosslanda white picture ledge which gives the perfect space for displaying vinyl records as well as art or any small decorative objects. I love it because it gives me the freedom to change what I have on it quite frequently.

my scandinavian home_bed_yellow

You might have noticed already that I love yellow, and this duvet cover gives the perfect splash of colour to the bedroom. We still have a lot to do in that room as we have been focusing mainly on the living room, so I’ll share more photos when it is ready.

Now I’m going to snuggle up on the couch reading the new Cereal magazine while listening to the rain outside..

my scandinavian home_marble_table_cereal_magazine

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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