So these are a few of my favourite things displayed neatly in my black Vittsjö shelf from IKEA. I have to say I am really impressed with this shelf so far, it looks very elegant and is very affordable.

???? The yellow Unico vase from Kähler designed by Anders Arhøj. This vase is a pretty statement piece that has a unique glaze. At the moment I have a green branch in it which goes really well with the beautiful round shape.

???? The poster I have is the ‘Norgesglass’, a typical glass jar from Norway, by Emmeselle from the collection Norsk Nostalgi. It is the perfect little reminder of my home country and a lovely piece of art. I’ve put it in a standard black frame from IKEA as a contrast in my mostly white flat.

???? I have two of the Urbania lighthouses also from Kähler designed by Becker & Bache (I had three but one broke in half in the move..) They come in a range of different styles and sizes, and are replicas of modernistic apartment houses. In the evening its nice to put a tea light inside and enjoy the silhouettes and shadows created through the windows.

???? Another candle holder I have is the Lup triangular copper holder designed By Shane Schneck for HAY. In it I have a grey tall candle and I love the simplicity it portrays.

???? I had to have my trusted little wooden birds on display designed by Kristian Vedel and sold by Architectmade. The cute thing about these are that they can express happiness, sadness and curiosity depending on how you tilt their heads.At the moment they are having a little chat and looking quite happy I would say.

???? I’m trying to add more green into our home and recently got a cute little succulent from IKEA. I put it in one of their standard white pots for now until I find a better solution..

???? And last but not least; my hanging wooden monkey designed by Kay Bojesen!

Get the look;


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Ingrid Opstad

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